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Jason Whitlock Says Deion Sanders Has No Idea What He's Doing as Head Coach

Jason Whitlock: “The coaching experiment the University of Colorado is conducting with Hall of Fame football player Deion Sanders will likely end with a lawsuit. Someone—a player, an assistant coach, the athletic director, a fan, a cheerleader... SOMEONE is going to sue Sanders for coaching malpractice. The complainant will use Saturday’s Colorado/USC game as ‘Exhibit A’ in the lawsuit. Deion’s post-game press conference will serve as the closing argument. Following the Buffaloes’ 28-16 loss, Coach Prime unleashed a level of self-serving, narcissism, ego, and incompetence that is uncommon outside of Pop Warner. Colorado squandered a game its opponent tried to gift wrap, and when it was over Deion attacked his offensive line, questioning their ‘killer instinct, want, desire, will, athleticism’ after allowing his quarterback son Shedeur to suffer seven sacks and a dozen other hits. Sanders sounded like a Pee Wee football coach:

‘The hardest thing to acquire is linemen, so when people have a good one you rarely see linemen jumping and go to different schools. We have some guys that are going to be good with a little seasoning, but overall we just don’t have the fight or the passion to do what we wanna do. I’m a little biased because I’m his father but I think we have the best quarterback in the country. I don’t think any other quarterback could put up with, and stand and deliver like I always do week in and week out, and take the beating he’s taking, and we need to address that.’ 

Let’s be clear here. THAT is not coach talk. That’s how fans talk. That’s how Little League coaches talk. That’s how daddies talk. At the collegiate level, offensive linemen are developed, they’re rarely acquired. This isn't the NFL. Many of them are not top-flight high school players, they’re tall kids who are too heavy to play basketball, or they’re defensive linemen lacking the athleticism to play on the defensive side of the ball. Deion doesn’t understand this because he spent his entire football career playing on an island at cornerback. In his previous coaching stints he always had more talent than his competition. The details have never really mattered to Deion Sanders as a player or a coach. Talent trumped everything, that’s why he still believes that. That’s why he’s perfectly comfortable with four games left in the season, publicly announcing he wants to replace his offensive linemen with new players. Deion is playing ‘Fantasy Transfer Portal Football.’ The sports fans who love fantasy and video game football think Deion is right. The jock-sniffing ex-jocks who talk about football on social media and on ESPN and FOX Sports think Deion is right. Coaches are laughing at Deion. They can see what any objective and informed football person can see. Deion’s approach creates a toxic culture that will undermine the intangibles that lead to consistent winning. I like Kirk Herbstreit and I don’t have a problem with Chris Fowler but I was embarrassed by their call of that UCLA game. That they took that kind of a dump on Colorado’s offensive line. At one point Kirk Herbstreit said ‘I don’t think they have one guy on the offensive line who can play at the Power 5 level...’ The strategic malpractice for everyone to ignore what Colorado was doing strategically that put this offensive line and quarterback in jeopardy was never discussed. Colorado can’t run the football because Deion has never invested in the team’s running game. Deion stands on that sideline and loves to see the ball in his son’s hand. He’s a dad coaching a Pee Wee team. Colorado’s refusal to run the ball is the primary reason Shedeur is the most sacked quarterback in college football. The offensive line talent isn't great, I will admit that, the all-pass strategy though is a big part of the reason the offensive line looks weak. That’s a dad watching the game and re-living the game in his mind. That’s not how coaches think. That’s not how coaches see the game. Did you see Chip Kelly the entire game writing notes to himself? A lot of coaches do that to stay in touch with what’s really going on. Deion sits there with his golden headset on with the thing flipped up, looking around: ‘HEY, DOES SOME KID NEED HELP GETTING HIS GOLD CHAIN ON!?’, ‘WHO CAN I GO PAT ON THE BUTT, AND CLAP?!’ Deion is not into the game in a real way. He doesn’t know what’s happening out there. The all-pass strategy with that offensive line, it’s ridiculous, it’s child-like, it’s the kind of offensive scheme only a father would cook up for his quarterback-son. Everything Colorado is doing is based on Deion getting his son in the Heisman race and drafted in the first round of the NFL. What’s sad is the motivation isn't about empowering or uplifting Shedeur Sanders. The motivation is pleasuring Deion’s ego. Shedeur is a tool to serve Deion. With six minutes left in the game the Buffaloes trailed 28-9 and Sanders left his hobbled son in the game. Shedeur limped around the game most of the second half. After the game Deion admitted that doctors injected Shedeur with a pain-killer at halftime. You know what that is? It’s stat-padding. It’s a foolish Heisman push. This is coaching malpractice and anyone who knows anything about football can recognize it. Anybody that is not interested in putting their lips on Deion’s rear end can recognize it. In this era of safety-first football there is no other coach who could get away with treating a college quarterback the way Deion is treating his own son. Could you imagine if a White coach left a Black quarterback out on the field clearly injured in a game that was out of reach? What would Ryan Clark and all the other race-bait narrative controllers be saying about that White coach? But because it’s Deion doing it to his son no one says a word. The worship of Deion justifies and allows Deion to abuse his own son in pursuit of some false narrative that Deion is a great coach. Deion Sanders is NOT a great coach. He’s a character FOX Sports and ESPN are using to draw television ratings. He’s a golden calf for people who need something to worship. All the racial idolaters that just need: 'I GOTTA HAVE THIS BLACK HERO AND HE’S DEION! HE’S GOT GOLD CHAINS AND SUNGLASSES, AND HE INVITES RAPPERS TO THE GAME! HE’S JUST SO GOOD AND KIDS RELATE TO HIM! OH, I JUST LOVE DEION!’ He's your golden calf and someone you won't analyze honestly. This is not a great coach. The Coach Prime experiment is a disaster.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless explain why the pro-Deion Sanders fan boys in the media need to finally be honest in their analysis of Sanders’ time at Colorado, as Whitlock says it’s obvious that Sanders doesn’t have any ‘feel’ for the game, and should certainly never be considered a ‘great’ coach.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why it’s only going to get worse in Boulder for Coach Prime, adding that it’s been ‘coaching malpractice’ the way Sanders has put his son at risk for injuries simply to force Shedeur to ‘stat-pad’ to pleasure Deion’s own personal narcissistic ego.  

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