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Colin Cowherd Ranks the NFL's Top 10 Teams After Week 8

Watch Colin Cowherd release his Week 8 NFL ‘Herd Hierarchy’, with Colin counting down his rankings of the top 10 teams heading into Week 9.

10. Miami Dolphins (6-2, Last Week: 10): "I don't trust their defense and the o-line is shaky, but they lead the NFL in all major offensive categories. In his last 18 home games, Tua has won 16. Tua completes the passes, he's coachable, he hasn't been hurt, but the o-line is a concern and I'm not sure this team is going to be any good in December and January."
9. Seattle Seahawks (5-2, Last Week: Unranked): “I like everything but have questions about Geno Smith. Their defense is getting to the quarterback and I like the move the GM made yesterday getting Leonard Williams. The defense is already top four in sacks. Here's the other thing: they're running the ball for over 100 yards per game, it's so Pete Carroll."
8. Dallas Cowboys (5-2, Last Week: 9): “They're a better version of Buffalo. I don't know what I get week-to-week but their 'good' Dallas team is really good. Their defense leads the NFL with four defensive touchdowns. Six of their seven games have been decided by 10+ points."
7. San Francisco 49ers (5-3, Last Week: 4): "San Francisco crushed Dallas and is a better overall team. Don't get too caught up on Brock Purdy. If they could kick fields goal they would have beaten Cleveland, and without the concussion they could have beaten Minnesota. They lost to Joe Burrow, so what?"
6. Detroit Lions (6-2, Last Week: 7): “I really like Detroit. I wouldn't trust them in the playoffs but they're the number two total offense, second-best record in the NFC, and have at least one touchdown of 20+ yards in each of their last seven games. You get big play potential, they get to the quarterback, and you can't run on Detroit."
5. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-2, Last Week: 5): “Maybe a bit low and I still don't trust them against a team like the Chiefs or Joe Burrow. Trevor Lawrence has a passer rating over 100 in four of the last five games. They've got running backs who can catch, pass catchers who can run, and I like Doug Pederson. They have held opponents under 20 points or fewer in four of the last five games."
4. Kansas City Chiefs (6-2, Last Week: 2): "I think Jacksonville would lose to Kansas City. I don't like them right now offensively but I think they're going to be fine in about six weeks. They're dropping too many passes and they're very Travis Kelce-dependent in the red zone. They're young in spots and will be better but right now I'm not so sure they'll go play Miami overseas and win."
3.Cincinnati Bengals (4-3, Last Week: 8): "I've been on Cincinnati for a month, they're really good. Joe Burrow has been outstanding with a 118 passer rating the last three weeks. I get stars, a star quarterback, an offensive coach, a consistent pass rush, and a very active team that can beat you several ways."
2. Philadelphia Eagles (7-1, Last Week: 3) Philadelphia is not even playing great games. They have great quarters, great series, and great halves, but they have the best record. They're averaging 300+ yards offensively and AJ Brown is now uncoverable."
1. Baltimore Ravens (6-2, Last Week: 1): "Baltimore is the most complete team. Receivers, power, run, defense, sacks, coaching, everything works. They're more explosive right now than Kansas City's offense with as good of a defense. They have a surplus of fast guys and a pleasure to watch."

Dropped from rankings: Steelers #6

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