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Jason Whitlock Says Deion Sanders is 'Poisoning' the Lives of His Players

Jason Whitlock: “Deion’s leadership does not work. I don’t care next year if they won every game. His leadership style is inappropriate, immature, poisonous, and corrosive. Just based on football, I didn’t think what Deion was doing was going to work this year. Schematically, the obsession with his son, the padding of his son’s stats, and running an offense that in no way allowed that offensive line to develop, mature, and get better. He sacrificed everything trying to put his son in the Heisman race. He put his son’s health in danger to put his son in the Heisman race. It was bad strategy and anyone with a football IQ over 10 could see. For all the people saying ‘DEION IS TRYING TO BUILD MEN!’ and ‘DEION SAYS ALL THESE INSPIRATION AND CHRISTIAN THINGS TRYING TO REACH THE KIDS WITH THE WORD AND GOSPEL!’... No, he’s not, and that’s why I will never apologize for criticizing him because I’m trying to snap him out of it, and I’m trying to snap you out of it. We need to quit falling for charlatans. Deion is a football version of Jim Jones. Jim Jones talked people into committing suicide and drinking cyanide-laced Kool Aid and killing themselves quickly. The stuff Deion is pumping into those kids – that's a much longer process but it’s still very self-destructive. // When they walked into the locker room [vs. Washington State], Deion had a DJ in his football locker room playing commercial rap music – cursing, n-word, all of it. But this is a man of ‘great faith.’ He’s feeding young people the poison of commercial rap music while pretending to be some sort of Evangelical, while pretending to be someone driven by God. ‘GOD TOLD ME TO COME TO COLORADO!’, he puts out his little praying Instagram videos and tweets, but I’m going to feed you the poison of rap music. Not only am I going to have rappers come in and speak to you in the locker room, we’ve got a DJ in the locker room before the game. Anybody who claims a religious faith that has reached the age of 56 – and you haven't figured out that this commercial rap music is poison and demonic? Stop it. I don’t buy it. This is someone trying to relate to kids rather than provide wisdom to kids. I don’t want to be relatable. I don’t want to be the same idiot that I was at 21, 31, 41, or even 55. I want to be evolving every year. Deion and his whole group are playing with the word of God, and distorting the world of God to try and win football games, and to try to dress up all of the immorality, debauchery, and idolatry that rules that program. They're trying to package and beard wickedness with the perception of spirituality and Christian beliefs. Deion is dangerous in his current state. He’s doing the exact same thing that all cult leaders do and Jim Jones did. He’s made himself an idol. You’re in the locker room about to play a football game saying ‘PLAY MY THEME MUSIC!’ … this is about ‘ME, DEION.’ This isn’t about ‘YOU’, this isn’t about ‘US’, right before the game he’s telling the kids this is about ‘ME.’ This entire thing is about Deion and it’s about Deion being worshiped. This is dangerous. I’m not saying Deion is going to create a mass suicide, but he’s modeling a form of behavior that leads to self-destruction. Any mature person, any grown person, any person claiming a Christian faith should see this and call it out for what it is. Deion is poisoning those young men. He’s feeding young people a poisonous mindset. He’s feeding YOU a poisonous mindset. This is not what mature leadership looks like at all. Most coaches in football try to pass on values consistent with a biblical worldview. Deion is not doing that. Deion is bearding his idolatry with ‘LOOK AT THESE VERSES I QUOTE! LOOK AT THESE PRAYERS I DO!’... Deion has a video where he’s praying and pretends to speak in tongue. This is the kind of foolish stuff that Jim Jones did, and baited 1,000 people – 70% of them Black, 46% of them Black women – into following him straight to hell. What Deion is spreading will not lead to a quick suicide, it will lead to a long one. A lifetime of self-destructive behaviors and a self-destructive mindset.” (Full Segment Above)  

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless call out Deion Sanders as the ‘Black Jim Jones of College Football’, comparing his rise to power as a head coach to the infamous cult leader of the abominable ‘Jonestown’ commune that saw 909 of its members perish in a coerced mass murder-suicide in 1978.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock describes Sanders’ leadership style as ‘inappropriate, immature, poisonous, corrosive, and 'self-destructive.'

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