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Colin Cowherd: Why the Harbaugh Brothers Now Run the Sport of Football

Colin Cowherd: “Jim Harbaugh wins the college National Championship, John Harbaugh is favored to win the Super Bowl... Wouldn’t that be unique? Brothers – one wins the college natty and one wins the Super Bowl. John Harbaugh is the last non-offensive head coach standing in the league. Three offensive coaches and John Harbaugh. There is a distinction – he is not a ‘defensive coach.’ He’s a culture creator. John Harbaugh started with running backs and tight ends -- coaching them, then he went to the secondary, most years in special teams... He is not Sean McDermott, Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, Ron Rivera – a pure 100% defensive head coach that can struggle with changes offensively. Not John... He got to Baltimore, first year they got him Joe Flacco. By the fifth year he got a Super Bowl and it was a top 10 offense. That Super Bowl team was not about defense. That team was about Joe Flacco getting red hot – 11 touchdowns, no picks in the playoffs. John Harbaugh can’t be pigeonholed. Tomlin, Belichick, Rivera, and McDermott can. Great at what they do but the Harbaughs are different. Then as Flacco ages and regresses, they get John Harbaugh Lamar Jackson, who is a completely different player than Flacco. From a slow-footed pocket guy with a big arm, to an absolute world-class playmaker who has now developed into an excellent pocket-passer. Two different styles, and John Harbaugh is now favored to win a Super Bowl with both. That's what separates the Harbaughs. Now Let’s talk about Jim... Despite being a quarterback and being viewed as an ‘offensive’ coach, did you watch Michigan? They barely threw the ball down the field. Why are they beating Ohio State? It's not because of their clever, progressive offense, their McVay/Mike McDaniel motions, or the schemes of Kyle Shanahan. Jim too is a culture creator. Michigan is what Stanford was and the Niners were – tough and physical at the point of attack. Jim’s San Francisco teams had four top 10 defenses and no top 10 offenses. This is what separates the Harbaughs from even the great coaches. I love Andy Reid but he’s an offensive coach and acknowledges it. He gives Spags the defense. Belichick is a legend, but he’s tone-deaf, Jurassic, and out-of-touch offensively. Jim Harbaugh cannot be pigeonholed as an offensive coach. Michigan was about their defense, that’s why they’re beating Ohio State. The Niners were about their defense. Stanford went from a dog to tough. Not saying Andrew Luck couldn’t play, but it wasn’t dynamic offenses, it was their physicality, and that’s what transcends time. Ben Johnson is a great play-caller and play-creator, but is he a great culture creator? That’s what the Harbaughs are, and that’s why they transcend time. Cultures and physicality transcend time, and why many of the ‘defensive’ coaches look like they’re past their prime. It doesn’t matter how the rules change with Jim or John Harbaugh. THAT is the separator. John is the last non-offensive coach standing, and Jim is the first big-time coach the Chargers potentially will have in over a decade. That’s what separates the Harbaughs, they’re not one side of the ball guys. It’s hard to pigeonhole them. They’re just different cats and both are great.”  

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain how the Harbaugh brothers, John and Jim, have now reigned supreme across the NFL and college football landscape, and have ‘transcended’ the rest of the elite coaches around the sport.

Check out the segment above as Colin details how both brothers have created a new hybrid designation of both offensive and defensive head coaches that don’t rely on one side of the ball to master their trade.

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