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Jason Whitlock: How Race Baiters Cost the Ravens a Shot at the Super Bowl

Jason Whitlock: “Don’t you dare blame Taylor Swift, don’t you blame Pfizer, don’t blame Travis Kelce, the referees, or Roger Goodell... Blame Lamar Jackson, Zay Flowers, the Baltimore Ravens and the racial idolatry commentators like Ryan Clark and Robert Griffin III who litter sports media. They platformed Taylor Swift on America’s biggest platform – Super Bowl 58. Jackson, Flowers, the Ravens, Clark, Griffin, and others handed the Chiefs Sunday’s AFC Championship Game. Focus your angst on the race pundits. They baited the Ravens into one of the biggest choke jobs we’ve ever seen in recent sports history.  
The NFL’s best team played with no composure and implemented a pass-heavy offensive strategy intended to crown Lamar Jackson rather than beat the Chiefs. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens fell for a race hoax. It cost them their best chance to reach the Super Bowl during Jackson’s six-year career. Instead of crowning Jackson, Sunday further stamped Patrick Mahomes as being in a league of his own among the current crop of quarterbacks.  
Don’t blame Taylor Swift and don’t blame the refs either. If the refs ‘rigged’ the AFC Championship, they did so in favor of the Ravens. A series of bogus holding penalties late in the second quarter and early in the third allowed Baltimore to stay in a game that was decidedly one-sided everywhere except the scoreboard. Kansas City should have been leading 28-7 midway through the third quarter; instead it was 17-7.  
If anything, it appeared the NFL wanted Lamar Jackson to advance to his first Super Bowl. Ever since Draft day 2018, Lamar Jackson has been the lead actor in the league’s ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ narrative. Black quarterbacks, the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, are allegedly ‘victims’ of NFL-sanctioned ‘White supremacy.’ The story goes – Jackson was the last pick of the first-round six years ago because of.... You guessed it, ‘RACISM.’ It had nothing to do with his awkward throwing motion, concerns about his downfield accuracy, and ability to make plays from the pocket... Nope, ‘RACISM!’ explained why Jackson was the 32nd pick. It’s the same reason Tom Brady was the 199th player selected in 2000... Oh, wait, Brady is White... Maybe evaluating college quarterbacks is hard?  
The NFL and its media surrogates were rooting hard for Lamar. The predominantly Black officiating crew might have been supporting Lamar too. The NFL has emphasized ‘racial justice’ ever since Colin Kaepernick started wearing an afro and taking a knee during the National Anthem to demonstrate his ‘Half-frican-American' roots. According to ESPN football analyst Ryan Clark, Lamar Jackson had a chance to be the first ‘authentic’ Black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. Ryan Clark said an ‘entire culture rests on the back of Lamar Jackson’s jersey.’ He never used the word ‘Black’ but you know it was implied. This ‘authenticity’ that Lamar Jackson represents that somehow Doug Williams, Russell Wilson, and Patrick Mahomes – they don’t qualify. They don’t ‘represent’ Blackness authentically. They don’t wear or didn’t wear cornrows, big gold chains, and talk in a dialect that represents the so-called ‘culture.’ These guys like Ryan Clark – unable to be provocative, interesting, insightful, or useful on any topic besides shouts or insinuations of ‘WHITE SUPREMACY!’ Black media elites have used Lamar and Black assistant coaches as fodder and ammunition to justify their own existence in the media. The racial victimization narrative inevitably works against the chosen symbol of it.  
Why did the Baltimore Ravens wet the bed? Why did the best team in football implode with a lack of composure? Why did they come out of character and panic strategically and emotionally? Jackson and the Ravens got swept up in the false belief that Lamar Jackson winning on Sunday was some sort of giant step for mankind. They put unneeded pressure on themselves. The most physical team in football ran the ball just 16 times Sunday. Jackson threw the ball 37 times. At least half of Jackson’s eight rushing attempts were scrambles when he was attempting to throw the football. They put a burden and a weight on Lamar Jackson and this entire Baltimore Ravens organization that ended up collapsing in on these guys and burying them. Baltimore played one of the worst games I’ve ever seen a great team play. How come they abandoned their identity and didn’t run on the Chiefs?  
We put this burden on Jackson and all these young people that are trying to achieve their goals and the next thing you know, they got this 500-pound weight on their back because of Stephen A., and all these other clowns -- ‘OH, YOU’RE CARRYING THE WEIGHT! BLACK COACHES ARE DEPENDENT UPON YOUR SUCCESS!’... It’s all stupid.  
The Ravens offensive coordinator Todd Monken, who is White, the QB coach, Tee Martin, who is Black, the assistant QB coach Kerry Dixon, who is Black, and the backup quarterbacks, Tyler Huntley – Black, Josh Johnson – Black, ALL wanted to prove Lamar could go throw-for-throw with Patrick Mahomes. Lamar can’t do that. He’s not on Mahomes’ level as a passer. The Ravens threw away the first 30 minutes of the game trying to compete against Patrick Mahomes and trying to beat some bogus narrative placed on them by Ryan Clark, RG III, Stephen A. Smith, and a bunch of other clowns in the media.  
By the second half, everyone on the Ravens was in full panic mode, and that’s when the penalties and lack of emotional control reared their ugly heads. When you misidentify your real opponent and latch onto the wrong motivation, it’s not surprising when you come out of character and abandon your identify and perform poorly. The motivation should be to be the best version of Lamar Jackson you can be, but if the motivation is ‘OH, I WANNA PROVE THIS NARRATIVE IS WRONG ABOUT ME! I WANNA PROVE THIS FARCICAL NARRATIVE THAT MY BLACK SKIN SOMEHOW CARRIES THIS HUMONGOUS WEIGHT AND IMPORTANCE, AND I’M REPRESENTING THE CULTURE, AND CARRYING EVERYONE ON MY BACK, AND ONCE I WIN – OH, MY GOD – FREEDOM IS JUST GOING TO RAIN DOWN ALL OVER THE NFL AND THE REST OF THE WORLD! I’M GOING TO FREE ALL THE SLAVES! I’M LAMAR JACKSON AND I REPRESENT THIS, THAT, AND ALL THESE OTHER THINGS THAT IDIOTS LIKE RYAN CLARK AND STEPHEN A. SMITH TELL ME THAT I REPRESENT!’” 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain why Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens fell victim to a ‘race hoax’ that cost the Ravens a trip to the Super Bowl in their 17-10 AFC Championship Game loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details his theory on why the Ravens completely abandoned their dominant run-game in favor of Lamar Jackson trying to go throw-for-throw with Patrick Mahomes, saying the Ravens bought into the media’s bogus narrative on how the AFC title game had massive historical significance for ‘Black quarterbacks’, and Baltimore convinced themselves that Jackson actually had the ability to almost exclusively operate as the same pocket-passer his biggest critics said he could never become.

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