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Doug Gottlieb: Lamar Jackson Needs to Stop Acting Like He's a Pocket Passer

Doug Gottlieb: “The number one thing I think you need is to know who you are and accept who you are, and accept that who you are is good enough... I just feel like Lamar Jackson isn’t there. I feel like here is a guy who doesn’t really know who he is and doesn’t want to embrace who he is, and instead tries to prove he’s somebody he is not. Lamar Jackson struggled this past weekend. He wasn’t great. How many different analysts, former coaches, we just had a former GM on, and they all say the same thing like ‘WHY DIDN’T THEY RUN THE BALL MORE??’... I think that Lamar has heard enough of us say – and he knows the quarterback position well – he wants to prove to us ‘I CAN BE A POCKET GUY!’... Look, there’s a supreme amount of intelligence and understanding that at some point you start to slow down, you get hit, you get hurt, it shortens your career, and he wants to have a long and illustrious career, he wants to win multiple Super Bowls, he looks like he’s going to win multiple MVPs... I feel like Lamar was trying to prove to us that he’s a better passer than he actually is, and it backfired. There is a lower ceiling when you run a bunch, but I equate this to Deshaun Watson’s last year at Clemson when they won the national title. His performances that year were uneven because he was trying to show he could throw. He was trying to show that he could be a starting NFL quarterback and the number one overall pick. Then when he got to the playoff, it was just like ‘LET’S JUST GO PLAY’, and he ran it a ton, made unbelievable plays with his legs, and the defense wasn’t prepared for it. That’s what I would have done in this situation [AFC Championship]. I would have used him as a running threat a whole lot more. He’s not just a runner, he’s the most dynamic runner we’ve ever seen at that position, and he can throw. He’s an amazing talent, he’s an improved passer. He’s not bad, he’s not Tebow, but he’s also not Stafford, he’s not Aaron Rodgers, he’s not Patrick Mahomes, and he’s not Josh Allen yet as a thrower. And he may never be, but they’re never going to be him as a runner. One of the reasons for the disparity in run/pass is Lamar trying to prove to people that he’s not who we think he is, instead of just doing what he does well.”

Watch Doug Gottlieb of Fox Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show explain why the Baltimore Ravens looked shockingly dreadful in their disillusioned AFC Championship defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs, saying that Lamar Jackson spent the game trying to proof to his critics that he’s a ‘pocket-passer’ than sticking to his historically elite abilities running the ball. 

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb calls out Lamar for trying to be something that he’s not, focusing on shutting down outside noise rather than beating the Chiefs. 

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