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Colin Cowherd: Why You Want Your QB to Have a Patrick Mahomes 'Dad Bod'

Colin Cowherd: “There’s a picture of Patrick Mahomes with his shirt off and he’s got what they call a ‘Dad Bod’... Well, he is married with kids, so he is a ‘dad’ officially. He’s getting a lot of crap for his body, which looks like he’s got a little bit of a gut there. Mahomes answered the critic [on X] going ‘I GOT KIDS!’... There’s that legendary Tom Brady picture at the Combine, there’s a recent picture of Josh Allen who looks like a big guy and people are like he looks ‘ehhh’...
Folks, I don’t want my quarterbacks doing a lot of reps on the bench press. I want them doing reps in the film room. I don’t want Will Levis’ body, in fact, I had multiple general managers push back saying he’s more infatuated with his ‘gun show’ than film. I don’t like ripped quarterbacks. I want fluidity, pliability, I want you to be smart, coachable... Of the traits I’m looking for, abs is not in the top 20. In fact I would be concerned, and I was with Will Levis, when i thought he was too body obsessed. I had a general manager, one of the best in the league, that could not stand the sleeveless shirt that he wore at one of the workouts. He’s like ‘HE’S SHOWING OFF HIS BODY’... Show off your movement, show off your judgment, don’t show off your guns.
The biggest and best quarterbacks in league history, tell me one that was ripped? There isn’t one. Cam Newton is not an all-time great quarterback. He never had back-to-back winning seasons. Stabler, Bradshaw, Fouts, Montana, Young, Favre, Rodgers, Marino, Elway, Aikman... Troy is more ripped now than he was. Most of the old ones weren’t because we didn’t have that sort of nutritional standard, guys were eating fast food half the time, but guys aren’t ripped today.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd defend Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes after a video with his shirt off in the locker room following their AFC Championship victory went viral, with many on social media commenting that Mahomes had an unflattering ‘Dad Bod.’ 

Check out the segment above as Cowherd explains why you DON’T want your quarterback having the body of Greek God, saying there’s never been a ‘jacked’ Hall of Fame QB in NFL history, and says that he wants his quarterbacks in the film room, not the weight room.

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