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Lamar Jackson is the Biggest Fraud in NFL History

“Lamar Jackson is very likely headed to not only his second league MVP, but also his second All-Pro 1st Team selection. This despite the fact he finished just 19th in passing yards per game this season, and 11th in passing touchdowns. The Ravens did finish with the number one seed in the AFC this season, but that was likely because of Baltimore’s historic defense, which became the first defense in modern NFL history since the AFL/NFL merger in 1966 to lead the league in points allowed, sacks, and takeaways.
While his defense posted historic numbers, Jackson was just an average quarterback this year, posting a line of 3,678 yards and 24 touchdowns, on 67.2% completion percentage. For comparison sake, the quarterback of the 49ers, the number one seed in the NFC, Brock Purdy, posted a passing line of 4,280 yards and 31 touchdowns, on 69.4% completion percentage. Purdy also led the league in both QBR and QB rating in case you were wondering. But sure, let’s just gift-wrap Lamar his second MVP by just the age of 27. Two league MVPs – that is as many as Joe Montana, while it’s more than Dan Marino and Drew Brees combined. For a guy who has never thrown for 4,000 yards in a single season, and has only one season where he has thrown more than 26 touchdown passes. Amid an era where offensive inflation is so extreme, a rookie [CJ Stroud] just threw for 4,000 yards in his first season this year, and he missed two full games. Yet this absolute middling-to-below-average passer now has two league MVPs and $260 million contract to go along with it. After his most recent playoff collapse, he will likely be picking that game check up this week in a ski mask.
Because that joke league MVP that the writers gifted him wasn’t going to mean much of anything if he gagged in the playoffs yet again as the heavy odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl. But predictably, that is exactly what Lamar Jackson just did. Was there ever any doubt? As his legendary defense did their jobs and held a Patrick Mahomes offense to just 17 points. Not just that but they shut him out in the second half. But that clearly wasn’t good enough for ‘league MVP’ Lamar Jackson, who mustered just ten points for the game, as the loss drops Lamar to 0-4 in his postseason career when he defense allows more than 13 points. Yes, you heard that right. Lamar is now 2-4 in his playoff career, with the only two wins coming against a team quarterbacked by Ryan Tannehill, and just last week against a rookie quarterback where his defense gave up only ten points.
This is now the second time in Jackson’s career that he has found himself at home as a substantial favorite and the league MVP, and failed to get it done. This guy AIN’T IT. Not only is he not ‘HIM’, he isn’t even a viable top 5 player at his own position right now. Never was, and yet TWO league MVPs. He now has as many league MVPs as he does playoff wins.
I know, I know, he just must not have enough help? Lamar has just six passing touchdowns in his six career postseason games to go along with six interceptions. Oh, but of course, as the robust amount of Lamar jock-sniffing apologists in the mass media will have you know, we have to favor in this guy’s ground-game. After all, he is more of a running back than a quarterback. He has three rushing touchdowns and has lost two fumbles in his playoff career. Overall, in his six playoff games, Jackson has accounted for nine touchdowns and eight turnovers. Meanwhile, he is completing just 57% of his passes, and his career passer rating in the playoffs now sits at just 79.7. That is below NOT GOOD. That is currently lower than Jake Delhomme, Vinny Testaverde, and Chad Pennington.
As what appeared to be as winnable of an AFC as we have seen in years with the Chiefs, frankly, having a down year losing six games, ditto with Buffalo, and of course, Cincinnati taken out of play when they lost Burrow to a broken wrist. If he couldn’t get it done this season, he never will.
No matter how many more preposterously undeserving media accolades this fraud steals throughout the course of his massively overrated career, he has been EXPOSED as the loser he really is when the lights are at their brightest.”

Watch the YouTube sports production page Skap Attack do a deep dive into the career of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, and detail why Jackson’s lackluster performance in the Ravens’ 17-10 AFC Championship loss to the Kansas City Chiefs exposed Jackson as a ‘massively overrated loser’ who is ‘preposterously undeserving’ of the two NFL MVPs he’s likely to have earned by the end of this season.  

Check out the bold take above as the sports documentarians attempt to push back on the Lamar ‘apologists’ in the media who have been disingenuous when it comes to Lamar’s greatness, as his playoff record now sits at 2-4, with only one of the six games producing a passer rating over 80. 

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