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Colin Cowherd: The Jets Will Never Be Great With 'Irrelevant' Aaron Rodgers

Colin Cowherd: “The Athletic article points out, 30 sources, ‘it is a team with an ill-equipped offensive coordinator, Nate Hackett, an excuse-making paranoid head coach, and an organizational tunnel vision on a quarterback that rubbed many teammates the wrong way.’ ‘It’s such an effing mess’ said one coach, ‘something has to change.’  

"Here’s the really interesting part to me... ‘Rodgers and Nate Hackett’s relationship is more frat bro than player-coach, and Aaron appreciates the free will to operate the system as he sees fit. During camp, New York’s defensive line was excellent and outplayed them in practice everyday. One coach on the staff said it was ‘concerning' how little urgency Hackett and his staff showed in trying to fix it. He’d never seen a team watch less practice tape in training camp than the Jets offense did with Hackett. During games, Hackett struggled to make adjustments against the Cowboys Week 2. Duane Brown needed help blocking Micah Parsons, and according to multiple team sources, Hackett never adjusted, Parsons dominated, and the Cowboys crushed the Jets 30-10. There is no confidence that Hackett has the ability by himself to run the offense.'

Aaron wants to win, as long as he’s ‘comfortable’ – not pushed, not challenged, and it’s with his frat buddy. This is why Bill Belichick couldn’t get a job, and why Aaron going forward, I’ve predicted, will be irrelevant. Lamar Jackson is crying on the field when he loses, Mahomes is pushed hard – often having verbal exchanges with Andy Reid and formerly Eric Bieniemy. Being coached ‘hard’, being uncomfortable, growth... When Brady went to Tampa, you could say ‘WELL, TOM WANTED CERTAIN THINGS!’... Yes, a Hall of Fame tight end in Gronk that was still great in big games, a bit of a wacko -- but Hall of Fame talent, Antonio Brown, and a veteran running back Lenny Fournette. He didn’t want second and third expensive wide receivers. He didn’t want old guys who couldn’t play anymore, or ‘buddies.’ Tom wanted guys who in big games could still ‘bring it’. Not expensive Allen Lazard, who was a healthy scratch late in the season. It’s why Belichick can’t get a gig, and Aaron is not relevant... You’ve got to be able to sacrifice, collaborate, and win on terms that aren’t always yours. You don’t always get your way in this league. Thirty sources said ‘it’s not uncommon for team decisions to go through Aaron Rodgers’, said an NFL general manager. 'Rodgers isn’t the assistant GM, Joe Douglas is the assistant GM.' I’ll say it again, I didn’t think they would be a playoff team this year, I don’t think they’re a playoff team next year – you win upstairs first. This is ugly and sad.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd discuss the damning recent article in The Athletic chronicling the disastrous first season in New York for Aaron Rodgers on the Jets, with Colin mocking Rodgers and Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, who were criticized the most in the hit piece. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details why it’s only going to get worse for Rodgers and the Jets, predicting 2024 will be another playoff-less nightmare while Rodgers continues to calamitously manipulate the franchise.

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