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Colin Cowherd Mocks Rumor Saying Justin Fields Could Net a First-Round Pick

Colin Cowherd: “Adam Schefter was on a Chicago radio station and said ‘I think they might be able to get a one for Justin Fields’... Excuse me?? I beg your pardon?? If I heard that and I was the Bears, I would call Schefter off the air and say ‘um, could you give us the number of the GM who told you that? We will give you every scoop for a decade!’... This is the easiest decision Chicago has ever made to move Justin Fields. Forget his record – 3-12 in division, 10-28 – forget that... He had the worst fourth quarter passer rating in the NFL this year, 53.4. He had the lowest fourth quarter completion percentage in the entire league, 51.1%. He had nine fourth quarter giveaways, most in the NFL. I want to contextualize this. He played the Vikings pass defense twice – 24th. The Lions pass defense twice – 27th. Washington – 32nd best pass defense, and Tampa – 29th best pass defense. He faced cupcake pass defenses and didn’t face most of the league’s best. I’m not being harsh. Don’t blame the data for the criticism of your below-average quarterback. He’s also struggled to stay healthy. Missed 4 games this year and 11 in three years. Fields can’t stay healthy, he gives the ball away too much, and he’s atrocious in the fourth quarter. That is the ‘deciding the game’ quarter in the NFL. If you can get a first, you do it TODAY. Two seconds, TODAY. I think he’s worth a second to a third. Trey Lance got a four, I think he can get a two. I think Fields has talent, but this one isn’t hard.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd laugh at recent reports that speculate that the Chicago Bears could potentially get a first-round pick for quarterback Justin Fields, saying the data heavily points to Fields being worth nowhere near that amount. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details the struggles of the three-year starter who has managed to go just 10-28 for his career, with a passer rating of 82.3.

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