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Jason Whitlock Calls Out Stephen A. Smith After 'Racist' Luka Doncic Take

Jason Whitlock: “Stephen A. Smith has seemingly two different reactions within a span of a week to Joel Embiid scoring 70 points – Embiid a Black dude – and then Luka Doncic, a White guy from Serbia scores 73 points and Stephen A. trashes Luka Doncic’s performance. He said the Atlanta Hawks ‘played no defense’ and ‘it’s an embarrassment’, but when Embiid scores 70 it’s ‘one of the greatest performances of all time.’

Stephen A. Smith on Joel Embiid scoring 70 points on 1/22/24: "Thirty or more points in 21 consecutive games, and yet the Philadelphia 76ers, winners of six straight, are still four games out of first place. The message Embiid sent to the rest of the NBA – this brother is phenomenal, arguably the best man big in the game, obviously Jokic always warrants our consideration, but the message he sent is that he’s going for the championship. He’s not trying to mess around, he already got the league MVP. I think that’s the message he’s trying to send. THAT’S the message he needs to send, because how he’s playing is what’s going to be required in order for him to pull this off as the Sixers are presently constructed. He knows what it’s going to take and he’s willing to do it, so everybody beware because he already got the ‘chip. He ain’t worried about no 65 games, or whether you ‘qualify’ for the league MVP award. This brother is coming for the ‘chip, he wants it bad, let’s see what he does come postseason time.” 

Stephen A. Smith on Luka Doncic scoring 73 points on 1/26/24: “The Atlanta Hawks, no wonder why ya’ll stink. Did you see how they played defense last night?? This is not Joel Embiid, who played ‘bully ball’ because you have a thin Victor Wembanyama on you. We understand and expect that. This is not a situation where Karl-Anthony Towns dropped 58 in the first three quarters, a lot of those points he was being challenged. What transpired last night in Atlanta was disgraceful. This resembled the first three quarters of NBA All-Star Weekend. Atlanta Hawks, you should be ashamed of your damn selves!"  

Whitlock: “What Luka Doncic did is par for the course in this new NBA. All the rules have been doctored and changed, the players all make so much money, there’s so much load management, and the paint has been opened up in a way to promote people driving to the lane uncontested. Many regular season NBA games look like a ‘competitive’ NBA All-Star Game. They look like what NBA All-Star Games used to look like in the 1970's, 80's, and 90's. For Stephen A. to single out this Atlanta Hawks game and Luka Doncic, and the Hawks' ‘Olé!’ defense, but Karl-Anthony Towns and Joel Embiid, they were 'phenomenal', they were playing great ball, they were being 'contested'... It’s a joke. Stephen A.’s contradictory messages here can only be defined and described in one way accurately... Racist. He’s got a racist double-standard. And many people in the league – because the NBA is a ‘Black dominated league’– they share that view. I like and respect Kendrick Perkins but last year Nikola Jokic won the NBA championship and should have won his third-straight MVP award, but Kendrick Perkins jumped in and played the race card on MVP voters. He basically said that voters were favoring Nikola Jokic because he’s White. That put everybody in check and the next thing you know, Joel Embiid won the MVP when everybody pretty much knows that Jokic was the Most Valuable Player. The Nuggets went onto win the championship, and the Sixers bowed out as they have done throughout Embiid’s stay in Philly. There’s this racism that is required. Anti-White racism is required in the sports media world for widespread success and acceptance. They have designed a system for systemic racism. I’ll be called an ‘Uncle Tom’ and a ‘Coon’ for pointing it out, but what I will not be called is a ‘liar.’ In my entire career as a journalist I’ve always been against racism. When the system was tilted and favored White guys and discriminated against Black guys, I complained then. Now that the system is tilted, and tilted against White guys, I still don’t like racism so I complain now. I’m off-script, and the system has been designed to punish anybody that challenges the anti-White narrative that is pervasive throughout the American media. Stephen A. Smith and many of the Black people in the media just want the check. They see which way the wind is blowing -- ‘WELL, YOU GET MONEY FOR PROMOTING ANTI-WHITE RACISM! I WANT MONEY, I’LL DO IT!’... I won’t do it. The ‘Fearless’ movement is not about that.” 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless call out ESPN studio host Stephen A. Smith for a ‘racist double-standard' that Smith conveyed when comparing the 70-point games from NBA stars Joel Embiid and Luka Doncic this past month, with Smith praising Embiid for the feat but seemingly discrediting Doncic. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock highlights the ‘anti-White’ narrative that Whitlock says is encompassing the mainstream media today, saying the American media now catapults the careers of analysts who sprinkle ‘anti-White racism' into their opinions, and referencing the irrationality of Kendrick Perkins’ controversial 2023 rant on ESPN that said NBA MVP voters were ‘racist’ when voting for Nikola Jokic over Embiid.  

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