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Rob Parker: Don't Trust the Opinions of Current and Former Athletes

Micah Parsons on the Cowboys' 48-32 NFC Wild Card Loss to the Packers: “At the end of the day we were just outperformed, out-schemed, and they had an answer for everything. People saying ‘well, why ain’t you go to linebacker cause they said you can stop the run?’... Well, guess what? The packages are in for me to go to linebacker. There’s multiple packages, multiple variations, but I can only play when it’s called. Whatever they’re calling, whatever personnel they’re putting on, I’m not putting out personnel, I’m not putting out the calls, nothing is coming from me. I do see a Super Bowl in my future, I want to be a Super Bowl champion. I challenge anyone to actually look at the game film and say ‘Did Micah play his heart out?’... To go out like that at home was completely embarrassing and unacceptable. It took me awhile to even be able to show my face in the public... I’m at complete peace. And I say that because I don’t think I could have done anything more to try to win that game. I was completely at peace because I know I don’t have no regrets about how I performed or what I put into the game.” 

Rob Parker: “Thanks! Thanks for that! That’s the podcast?? That’s what we want?? I GOT A NEW NAME FOR MICAH PARSONS’ PODCAST. ‘TURN HIS MIC-AH OFF’ BECAUSE WE GOT NOTHING. We get it, these guys play in the game, I have respect for them. If you want to tell me about what plays are being called, the intensity that went on, I’ll buy into that. But to go to these players and think you’re going to get honest analysis of them, their friends, their teammates – you're not going to get it! It is a total waste of time. STOP IT. If you’re going to listen to the podcast, and you’re going to give these guys numbers, demand that they give you something so that you can listen to it and feel that there’s some worth there. There’s nothing there! It’s a waste of time. I get it, he could have a gazillion downloads because he’s Micah Parsons and he plays for the Cowboys. He’ll have more downloads than I’ll ever have and I’m fine with that, but I’ll tell you what you’ll get when listen to The Odd Couple podcast... You’ll get an HONEST analysis what went on, and then you can make your own judgement of what happened. It won’t be one-sided and biased because they’re involved. They wanna play the game and report on the game too?? Imagine that!? And then his own analysis – OH, HE PLAYED GREAT! You played great?? YOU LOST! YOU WERE EMBARRASSED. YOU SHOULD HAVE STOOD UP THERE AND SAID ‘you know what, of course I didn’t play well. No team I played on would have given up 48 points at home in a playoff game. I have to play better, my teammates have to play better, and we didn’t get the job done.’ I’m so tired of hearing these clips from these podcasts. A total waste of time. The new name of his podcast from here on out is ‘TURN OFF HIS MIC-AH. They can’t be honest because they’re compromised. They’re in bed with too many people. They have too many friends, so you’re ginger about your comments. When you sit down on First Things First, Chris [Broussard], you’re not beholden to anybody. Your show is the number one show on FS1 and has NO FORMER ATHLETES. PTI has NO FORMER ATHLETES. I’m not saying there’s not a place for them, but fans don’t want to hear everything’s great. That’s why players hate Charles Barkley, because he’s honest.” 

Watch Rob Parker of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple call out Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons after Parsons’ recent comments on his podcast that appeared to absolve his role in Dallas’ embarrassing 48-32 Wild Card loss to the Green Bay Packers on January 14th, with Parker saying that is another classic case of why fans should always take the opinions of current and former athletes with a grain of salt. 

Check out the segment above as Parker jokes that Parsons’ podcast should be titled ‘TURN OFF HIS MIC-AH', detailing why you’re never going to get any honesty on these personal podcasts from current and former athletes masquerading as sports analysts who will never be truthful about their takes on sports because they have too many biases and conflicts of interest.

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