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'World's Sexiest Athlete' Declined This Massive Sponsorship


German track star Alicia Schmidt, dubbed the 'world's sexiest athlete,' revealed that she turned down a six-figure offer from a "well-known" sponsor, despite barely earning a "living" in her sport.

Schmidt, 25, who has millions of followers on her social media platforms, said she declined the offer because she wasn't completely sold on the company during an appearance on the 'OMR' podcast German newspaper Bild published on Thursday (February 8). “I don’t feel comfortable with that. That would have been in the mid to high six figures. For a campaign.”

Schmidt makes the majority of her income through social media, personal endorsements and partnerships, while also earning a small salary as a member of the German national team. The influencer previously revealed that she and her teammates only get paid the equivalent of $739 USD monthly through sponsorship deals streamlined through Sporthlife, the German sports aid foundation, which gives financial support to top athletes representing the country, in October via the Daily Mail.

Schmidt added that athletes can also received money through a team or organizations that they're a part of, such as her team, SC Charlottenburg, as well as prizes won during races. The German track star is currently enrolled in a remote learning course and has already made a splash in the modeling industry, which included wearing her own clothing line with fashion company Hugo Boss while walking the runway at the 2023 Milan Fashion Week.

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