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Colin Cowherd: Anthony Davis is Now the Most Important Player on the Lakers

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Colin Cowherd: “LeBron used to be the great ‘eraser.’ The Heat went the Finals four straight years. They had no size, they were a bad rebounding team, no true center, didn’t have a true point guard, but LeBron just sort of ‘erased’ all your issues. On the Lakers now, the one player who has become their best eraser isn’t LeBron, it’s Anthony Davis, and when Davis is out, man, do you see the limitations with this roster.
For years and years even in the bubble, it was LeBron’s team. They wanted to hand the baton to AD the following year but he came into camp out of shape. When you watched the Lakers last night when AD wasn’t there, he’s the one who covers up the holes. Why did the Warriors have such a great shooting night? Because Lakers defenders, knowing they don’t have AD at the rim, sag off their shooters and it’s wide-open practice jumpers for the Warriors. AD plays and you’re more aggressive defensively, Warriors don’t get the open looks, and if they beat their man off the dribble AD stuffs them at the tin. It is no longer LeBron, AD is their eraser. He changed their entire defensive mindset, LeBron doesn’t have to solely be the shot creator, you can just dump it down to AD, he’ll get stuff off the glass or create his own shot.
You take AD out and man, can you see all the HOLES on this Lakers roster.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain why he thinks it’s become very apparent that Anthony Davis is the Lakers’ most irreplaceable player coming off a night where the Warriors drained 26-three-pointers in a blowout win over Los Angeles. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details why AD’s absence exposes all the ‘holes’ the Lakers have, with the team now relying on Davis, not LeBron, to make them resemble anything other than ordinary.  

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