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Jason Whitlock: 'Racists' and 'Bigots' Are Trying to Destroy Caitlin Clark

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Jason Whitlock: “I’m not going to say I made a mistake falling in love with Caitlin Clark and women’s basketball and following it all season. I enjoyed it, I really did. I like to see athletes compete that are free of all the tattoos, free of all the hip-hop, and all the stuff that’s been smothered and baked into sports. You gotta look like you just came off a rap stage or just came out of prison to play in the NBA or the NFL, and all the music sounds like it’s a prison concert... It’s just hard to watch and hard to stomach. 
So, here comes a group of kids out of Iowa that look like normal women, aren’t all tatted up, they listen to music I don’t know, but it ain’t cursing at me, it ain’t calling me a n****, it’s not telling me to kill other Black people, it’s not telling me that I gotta have gold chains around my neck -- it’s just basketball with women who look like women, women who weren’t pretending to be masculine, and weren’t all tatted up, so people fell it love with it because that’s what we’ve actually been missed in sports.  
This is what sports fans have been longing for and there’s a lesson in this for all the sports leagues that will fly over their heads. We just watched one woman take a sport that no one cared about and probably increased the women’s college basketball ratings by 500% in totality. Caitlin Clark is a phenomenal player, but trust me, if she had been all tatted up, a deep voice like Brittney Griner, an out-of-the-closet LGBT; I don’t think as many people would have tuned in. Any person running a sports league just got a great example of a what a little traditional American values would do for your ratings, and it doesn’t matter whether it comes in a White or Black rapped packaging because she just did what Michael Jordan did for the NBA. 
Michael Jordan is about as dark-skinned as any Black person I know. He wasn’t all tatted up, he didn’t pick a side politically -- ‘I’m going to go out here and play basketball at a high level, I’m going to be respectful and celebrate my father and my mother, and my upbringing, and I’m not going to take a dump on this country that’s making me millions of dollars and allowing me to provide for my family.’ People loved Michael Jordan and they tuned in to see him play. If anybody was serious about growing their sport, selling tickets, and drawing a bigger audience, they would follow the Caitlin Clark and Michael Jordan model. 
Any businessman that wasn’t driven by an agenda would be out making more Caitlin Clarks and Michael Jordans , than making LeBron James and these other tatted up idiots who want to take a knee and pretend like this country is killing Black men at every turn. That’s if they wanted to sell more tickets and make their sport more relevant, but they don’t. That’s not what they’re looking for. They’re looking to destroy this country, and it looks like everything we saw as it relates to Caitlin Clark and this women’s basketball.  
I’m leaving this experience exhausted by the racism, exhausted by the jealousy, and exhausted by the phony Christianity and the promotion of transgenderism that’s at the heart of this whole women’s basketball deal. Caitlin Clark just exposed everybody in sports. If they wanted success, it would mimic the behavior of the Iowa basketball program and Caitlin Clark, but then they exposed to you ‘No, we actually HATE heterosexual women, we actually HATE White people that will not get on board with our leftist agenda, and we will DESTROY them.’ 
Caitlin Clark, run off to the WNBA, they’re going to destroy you and I won’t be there to witness it. I have no idea why you’re running off into that hell hole. To watch all these women [Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird] try to backtrack, and that was a lot of what Dawn Staley was doing yesterday. She was ‘celebrating Caitlin Clark’ and Sue Bird puts out an apology.. Now that Caitlin Clark has lost, they all wanna hop on board and ‘celebrate’ Caitlin Clark. It’s backtracking. A memo went out before that game yesterday that was like ‘hey, guys we’re making fools of ourselves, pissing everyone off, and exposing how wicked, demonic, and racist we are. Sue Bird – cut it out, Diana Taurasi – cut it out, Lynette Woodard – put out an apology, Dawn Staley – run out and continue this gimmick that you love God and Caitlin Clark is great.’  
You know how long ago Dawn Staley could have told everybody ‘hey, get up off Caitlin Clark’s back’? But she waited until after she won a championship. When some woman she didn’t know that had nothing to do with women’s college basketball – Rachel Richardson, the Duke volleyball player – when her auntie was claiming that BYU students chanted the n-word at her, Dawn Staley jumped in this conversation from South Carolina. Duke is playing BYU in Utah in volleyball, and Dawn Staley jumped in that conversation all the way from South Carolina to defend Rachel Richardson, who was lying. Caitlin Clark gets abused all season, everybody’s trying to denigrate and diminish her, and Dawn Staley is quiet.  
You won the championship and now it’s ‘ISN’T GOD SO GOOD? THIS IS PROOF OF HOW GOOD GOD IS!’... Dawn Staley won a championship, so now God is good? – if you would have lost, what would you have said? When you lost last year did you talk about how good God was then when Caitlin Clark beat you? You should have come out and said what you really wanted to say... ‘I HATE THAT WHITE B*TCH, AND I’M GLAD WE BEAT HER!’ That’s what you really wanted to say Dawn. That’s my opinion, I’m speculating here -- prove me wrong.”  

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain the real reason why Iowa Hawkeyes women’s college basketball star Caitlin Clark became such a polarizing figure this season despite delivering more individual accomplishment than any player in NCAA women’s basketball history.  

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls out all the ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’ who have used their platforms trying to denigrate and diminish Clark all year, and warns Clark about leaving Iowa to join a ‘hell hole’ WNBA full of players who hate what Clark stands for and represents that are only looking to 'destroy' her.

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