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Colin Cowherd: Cowboys Should Draft a First-Round Quarterback

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Colin Cowherd: “Can we have an adult conversation? Cooper Rush and Trey Lance are backups. The Cowboys, according to Adam Schefter, are a ‘sleeper team’ to draft a quarterback high in this draft. Of course they should... This is the last year potentially of Dak Prescott. The Patriots did this regularly when Tom Brady was the best quarterback in the world. According to Mel Kiper, Bo Nix and Michael Penix will not be picked in the first round meaning Dallas at #24 could either. I would.
The best quarterback organization in the league, and they’ve been good forever, is the Green Bay Packers. They did it with Aaron and they did it with Jordan Love. They drafted him and sat him for three years. The Packers actually had a plan and it feels like Dallas actually doesn’t. You don’t have to do this, you can be the Pittsburgh Steelers, who coddled Big Ben and then by the time he decides to go they only had Mason Rudolph, a backup, on the roster, and had to reach in a weak quarterback class for Kenny Pickett. Do you want to be the Packers or the Steelers? Both are big brands, one is much less relevant. The Packers had a plan.
Kansas City did this. Alex Smith was making Pro Bowls and they got Mahomes. Baltimore had Joe Flacco and they drafted Lamar Jackson. It’s obvious to me, if Penix or Bo Nix is available, DRAFT THEM. Dak is an adult, he’s going to be OK, he doesn’t need to be coddled. What is your plan? Your going to have to pay CeeDee and there’s stories now that Micah is wearing people out. I’d absolutely draft a quarterback in the first round.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain why he thinks the Dallas Cowboys should draft a first-round quarterback in late-April's 2024 NFL Draft and not bother worrying about what incumbent starter Dak Prescott would think of the move. 

Check out the segment above as Colin says the Cowboys are a crossroads and would much rather handle their veteran quarterback like the Packers handled Aaron Rodgers with Jordan Love, instead of how the Steelers held on to deteriorating Ben Roethlisberger for too long.

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