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Colin Cowherd Says Nikola Jokic Could Still Be Dominant 'In His 40's'

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Colin Cowherd: “Last night I saw a clip ‘YOU CAN’T GIVE JOKIC ANOTHER MVP!’... And my take is – why not? There are only two players in this league who are unstoppable every single game: Jokic and Luka. High IQ, Europeans, elite unstoppable scorers, and unlike the windmill dunks guys they actually will age much better. They’re not aesthetically pleasing. No high-flying dunks, they stay close to the floor, they move slowly, deliberate; their game is about angles. Thick body types.
Basketball culture and basketball media LOVES the ‘spectacular’ -- and we’ve had great players who ARE spectacular: Dr. J, Michael Jordan – but it’s this constant promotion of Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, and Ja Morant... Guards that can’t shoot. Yes, they can jump and the fanboys love them, ‘Lob City, WOW!’... What did they ever win? Show me the playoff wins. The best point guards in the last 15 years are guys that don’t dunk – Steph Curry and Chris Paul. Smart, can elevate others, excellent shooters; THAT’S what I want in my point guard.
These European stars are not into selling shoes and they’re not into the dunk contest. They are into body angles, analytics, fewer dribbles, and getting their shot. You cannot stop Jokic and Luka. They’ve both got 10+ more years of elite scoring. Jokic’s game could last forever. It could last like Brady into the 40’s and still be dominant. Jokic’s game is going to wear well. The high-flying dunk contest guys age really fast, and they just don’t win enough in the playoffs.
Analytics matter, spacing matters, angles matter. This NBA is slower [than the 80’s and 90’s] and deliberate with its dominant players. You can’t speed Jokic up, you can’t speed Luka up, they can do whatever they want to do and they’re going to age incredibly well. The NBA used to be high-flying dunks, electric mid-range shooters... It’s not [anymore]. It’s European, it’s body angles, it’s playing at your own pace, it’s Jokic, it’s Luka... It’s just a different league. Embrace the change because it’s not going away.”

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain why he believes 29-year-old Nikola Jokic, widely expected to win his third NBA MVP in four years, could be dominant for another decade at least, and even into his 40’s like Tom Brady did in the NFL. 

Check out the segment above as Cowherd details how Jokic and Luka Doncic have changed the entire landscape of the NBA and how teams draft and construct their rosters, saying the age of dominant high-flying super-athletes could be over, and replaced by high IQ analytical players who take over games with angles, passing, spacing, and pace.

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