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Keyshawn Johnson Says the Hornets Should Hire Dawn Staley

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Keyshawn Johnson: “I wanted her [Dawn Staley] to coach our [USC] men’s team when our guy left and went to SMU. First thing I said was ‘man, I think we need to go get Dawn Staley.’ Six-time WNBA All-Star, three-time gold medalist, two-time Naismith Player of the Year, four-time Naismith Coach of the Year, Olympic gold medalist coach... I can go on and on about the accolades.
Here’s why I’d want to do it if I was Dawn Staley... Because now I’m changing the landscape. I’m not only a woman, I’m a woman of color, and I have an opportunity to be the first female NBA head coach. She could always go back to college. You take that jump because you’re the ‘first’ to ever do it. She would set a whole ‘nother standard of the way to do things.
You talk about the ‘respect level’, players are going to listen to her. She’s been there and done it, and has the respect without breaking in some Cracker Jack box off the street. No, you got somebody who everybody respects and loves, and they’ll pay attention to detail. You know she can coach. Regardless of if it’s a female game or a men’s game, X’s and O’s are the same.”

Watch Keyshawn Johnson of FS1’s Undisputed explain why he thinks the Charlotte Hornets should offer their vacant head coaching job to South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley, who would become the first woman to ever be the head coach of an NBA team.  

Check out the segment above as Keyshawn details why he believes the respect level would be there from NBA players towards the decorated former women’s play and now esteemed head coach, saying he pushed to have Staley be the head coach of his alma mater USC men’s basketball team.

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