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Colin Cowherd Says This NBA Star Could Save LeBron and the Lakers Next Year

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Colin Cowherd: “The winner last night was not the Chicago Bulls... The winner was the Lakers because officially Dejounte Murray and Trae Young do not work together. Two point guards, who knew?? Atlanta is 20-31 with Murray and Trae Young both play. The Hawks are going to keep Murray and here’s why... They traded three first-round picks for him, and you can get more on the market for Trae Young. The Lakers need a bucket-getter and a playmaker -- as you know LeBron is getting very old, and they also have the best defensive player in the NBA in Anthony Davis, so he can cover for Trae Young’s defensive deficiencies. Murray is going to be a star in this league, and they’ll get draft picks and players for Trae Young.
The Lakers have a lot of things – they have size, they have experience, they have AD’s defense, but what they don’t have is a star in their 20’s. You know who does? EVERYBODY in the West. That’s the one thing the Lakers do not have; an ascending star in their 20’s. The Lakers are going to add Trae Young. I think he fits in LA. Atlanta is going to go with Dejounte Murray, who they already gave up a basket full of picks to go get. It’s very clear – when Trae Young is not on the floor with Murray, Murray's numbers are All-Star level. He’s going to be 25-26 a game, 9-10-11 assists. The Lakers have always done really well when they’ve rolled the dice on a star in his 20’s. This town is built for stars. My guess is that Trae Young is coming to LA.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain what blockbuster move the Los Angeles Lakers should pull off this off-season in perhaps one final hurrah to win LeBron James and Anthony Davis their second NBA championship together.

Check out the segment above as Colin predicts the Lakers trade to acquire Atlanta Hawks All-Star Trae Young, as Colin thinks the Hawks are ready to go all-in on Dejounte Murray instead of Young. 

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