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Antonio Brown Makes Bizarre 'Apology' to Caitlin Clark After Twitter Blasts

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Jason Whitlock: “AB, I would love for you to just take your sunglasses off for one moment and tell Caitlin Clark what’s in your real heart for Caitlin Clark. I want to bring peace to you and Caitlin Clark.” 
Antonio Brown: “Caitlin Clark, we love you, there is no drama here. I’m excited about what you’re going to do for women’s basketball. You’re an amazing player. I love to watch your game, you bring a lot of excitement and energy. Never mind #CTESPN, we would love to have you talk, express what you deal with with your traumas, your adversities – how you continue to be great from people like me in the media bringing awareness to you maybe – the wrong or the right. It’s all in positivity, it’s all in fun and games. Continue to be great, continue to keep focused of being the best athlete you want to be, continue to lead women’s sports, pioneering it the way you want to pioneer it. I have a daughter; they look up to you and they look up to everything you guys are doing. So, shout out to you, Caitlin Clark, and if it’s hairy, don’t worry about it.” 

Disgraced former NFL All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown joined Jason Whitlock on Blaze TV’s Fearless in an over two-hour long interview during a rare public appearance for the enigmatic loose cannon. 

Towards the end of the interview, Whitlock wanted Brown to address his one-sided ‘beef’ with WNBA star Caitlin Clark, which has included a multiple-month long series of posts chiding and harassing Clark on X. 

The posts have included referring to Clark as ‘he’, saying the former Iowa Hawkeyes guard looks like actor ‘Mel Gibson’, and repeating a crude quip about Clark being ‘hairy’, although Brown has also posted that an NBA team should sign ‘generational talent’ Clark, and did post videos of himself in attendance at Clark’s first WNBA preseason game

Although Brown has 1.8 million followers on his X account that was created in 2010, his recent commitment to constantly trolling public figures the likes of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Drake P. Diddy, Meek Mill, Shannon Sharpe, and Clark appear to be a coordinated effort to bring more attention to his new podcast ‘CTESPN’ -- combining the neurological disorder ‘CTE’ and media network ‘ESPN’ -- which debuted earlier this week with NFL star Tyreek Hill as his first guest. 

When Whitlock suggested Brown apologize to Clark in an attempt to ‘bring peace’ to the feud, Brown began a short monologue praising Clark, and saying his quips were all ‘in fun and games’, but blow-torched any trace of good will when he ended his statement telling Clark ‘and if it’s hairy, don’t worry about.’ 

Clark’s highly anticipated WNBA regular season debut is Tuesday night at 7:30pm, as her Indiana Fever take on the Connecticut Sun.