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Blazing Five: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Bets For Week 2 (Sep. 17)

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 2


Last Season's 2022 Blazin' 5 record: 44-37-4

Week 1 Blazin' 5 record: 0-5

Bears at Buccaneers (SPREAD: TB -2.5)

“Bears +2.5, I really like this bet. Listen, this feels urgent for Chicago. Matt Eberflus, Justin Fields, they had the number one rushing offense last year. Tampa's last. Tampa can't run, meaning more pressure on Baker Mayfield, who got a bunch of turnovers and they still only scored 20 points last week. If you look at the rushing offenses, it’s total mismatch. Baker is 2-8 as a starter in his last 10, Baker is banged up--right shoulder, I don't think Tampa views themselves as anything other than a Wildcard team. Chicago feels like the SEASON, opinions; it's a referendum on Eberflus and Justin Fields. I think Chicago wins this game, controls the clock, wins outright, 27-23.” 

Colin's prediction: Bears 27, Buccaneers 23

Colin's pick: Chicago +2.5

Giants at Cardinals (SPREAD: NYG -4.5)

“Like it? I LOVE IT, Giants -4.5. They empty the bag and I think they beat Arizona. This is bizarre, did not know this, Daniel Jones following a loss in his last nine games is 7-1-1 with a 100-passer rating. This team has run for 100+ rushing yards in seven straight games. They’re 0-4 against the Cowboys and Eagles recently, and are 9-3-1 against everybody else. With a young o-line they don’t match up against the Eagles and Cowboys, but they match up with Arizona who has got a backup quarterback, Josh Dobbs, who averaged 4.4 yards per attempt with a defensive coach. My rule has always been if you have a good coach and a capable quarterback, AND you are humiliated on national TV, TAKE THAT TEAM. Bettors may stay away, but Giants win. They just can’t beat the Eagles and the Cowboys. Giants win 28-20 and look like a much better team.”

Colin's prediction: Giants 28, Cardinals 20

Colin's pick: New York -4.5

Commanders at Broncos (SPREAD: DEN -3.5)

“I wish the line was three but I’m going to take Denver –3.5. I think they win pretty comfortably here. If you go back a year until last week Russell Wilson was much more efficient. Seventy-nine percent completion percentage [in Week 1]. He had the second-highest completion percentage by any quarterback in the league, and has had a 100+ passer rating in four of his last six starts. Does he have the juice he used to, I don’t know, but this is a coaching mismatch. Jerry Juedy returns. Now they’ve got Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, a nice run-game, and Russell Wilson has got a real coach. The Commanders snuck by Arizona at home. They allowed six sacks, and were trailing entering the fourth quarter. They’re not a good team, their receivers are banged up, Broncos win and cover the spread, 27-20.” 
Colin's prediction: Broncos 27, Commanders 20

Colin's pick: Denver -3.5

Dolphins at Patriots (SPREAD: MIA -3)

“Both left tackles are missing for Miami, I’m taking the Patriots, my surprise of the weekend, +3. First of all, they have an 18-5 home record vs. the Dolphins under Belichick, they’re also very good off a loss, and also very good on primetime games under Belichick. The Dolphins allowed 430 yards last week, four touchdown drives of over 75 yards—this defense with Vic Fangio misses Jalen Ramsey. We all talk about the Dolphins offense but Justin Herbert did whatever he wanted to. They’re missing their left tackle. New Englad outplayed Philadelphia in the second half. I can argue that the Chargers at times outplayed Miami, it was just a coaching mismatch. This is not a coaching mismatch. I think it’s ball control, I think it’s second week on the road, they pull back, they don’t look as tight, my upset of the week is New England, 28-27 over Miami, both teams are missing their left tackle.” 

Colin's prediction: Patriots 28, Dolphins 27

Colin's pick: New England +3.

Saints at Panthers (SPREAD: NO -3)

“Carolina statistically was better than Atlanta, they just had picks from Bryce Young. But the coaching staff had him throw it almost 40 times meaning they trust Bryce Young. Atlanta doesn’t trust their quarterback and I’m not sure what Derek Carr can do. Did you watch the Saints? That offense has been bad. The Panthers defense against a really talented Atlanta o-line, Atlanta backs, Atlanta tight end, was very good on the road, and they let Bryce Young throw it 38 times. They trust him but bottom line they had bad turnovers. This Saints defense, I guess it’s their strength but the offense continues to be a mess. Twenty-second ranked last year, wasn’t good last week. I don’t trust the coach. I get an offensive coach at home. An 0-1 team against a 1-0 team, the Saints, that should have lost. I think Carolina is really undervalued. Their front-seven is excellent. Their coach and staff is excellent. Bryce Young is going to take time but letting him throw 38 times let's you know that the coaches totally trust him. On the ROAD 38 times. Panthers beat the Saints narrow, 26-24.” 

Colin's prediction: Panthers 26, Saints 24

Colin's pick: Carolina +3

All spreads are provided by Fox Bet.

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