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Rob Parker Says Michael Jordan is Lying About Isiah Thomas' Dream Team Snub

Rob Parker: “There was only one guy who could keep Isiah Thomas off that team and it was Michael Jordan. I don’t understand, with calling out Scottie Pippen in the documentary for being selfish and getting surgery, calling Horace Grant a ‘rat’ for giving sportswriter Sam Smith all the information for the ‘Jordan Rules’ book, and calling Isiah an a**hole on camera, why was he so coy and so afraid to just own up to it? It’s a punk move not to own up to it.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker rip Michael Jordan for his alleged role in keeping Isiah Thomas off the Dream Team, as ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary paired with dated Jordan audio resurfacing relating to the topic has reinvigorated one of the juiciest NBA storylines of the 90’s, and one that has become mainstream once again with Live sports currently on the back burner because of the coronavirus.

Check out the audio above as Parker says it was a ‘punk move’ for Jordan to keep Isiah off the legendary 1992 Olympic team, and says Jordan needs to own up to the move in the same way he had no problem calling Scottie Pippen ‘selfish’, Horace Grant a ‘rat’, and Isiah an ‘a**hole.’

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