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Rob Parker Says Tom Brady is a 'Phony' Who Will Be a Disaster in Tampa Bay

Rob Parker: “The ‘new’ Brady is a PHONY. Where was this Brady for 20 years in New England??... Brady is like a college kid down in Tampa now, eating at Hooters, and enjoying life – C’MON NOW. I’m not buying this new Tom Brady at all. New England will have a better record than Tampa next season. I’m not buying into the Tampa thing. Mark this tape down – They will NOT make the playoffs. Tom Brady is an old 43 and last season wasn’t a pretty sight.” (Full Video Above)
Listen to Rob Parker join The Herd to discuss recent comments Boston sports radio host Lou Merloni made, with the WEEI personality boldly stating 'I’m not so sure I like the new Tom Brady. I’m starting to worry about him.'

Merloni is referring to Brady’s seemingly new obsession with transparency and public exposure, as Brady has been seen in quirky stories getting thrown out of local parks during the coronavirus, walking into people’s houses by accident, partaking in a made-for-TV charity golf spectacle, and agreeing to be a part of a 9-part documentary series chronicling his 6 Super Bowls.

Check out the video above as Parker calls this new Brady a ‘phony’ and once again guarantees that not only will Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers fail to reach the playoffs, but Parker says Tampa will finish with a worse record than New England.

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