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Doug Gottlieb Rips Pac-12 Football Players Threatening to Boycott Season

Doug Gottlieb Rips Pac-12 Football Players Threatening to Boycott Season
Doug Gottlieb: “During these times of financial crisis and social change you have to ask for reasonable things. Calling them ‘DEMANDS’, saying you’re ‘ALL’ the Pac-12 players – which you are not, and doing it like a week before players are supposed to arrive on campus? All of those things make you seem like you are unreasonable and obtuse; you only anger people… The biggest thing lacking is the lack of true value in the experience, in the degree, and in the overall personal education, and what is does for the rest of your life. Stop chasing $50 when you can make $50,000 if you just buy in, be a part of the program, be a part of the fabric of the institution, and for the rest of your life you go you ‘hey, I played at ________ school, and you will end up having a better shot at the job than someone who did not. Ask anyone who went to school, played college athletics, goes back to school, and then is blown away by how much better everyone has it. It will never be perfect, but if you want to professionalize college sports, you have to understand that you’re going to end up eliminating a lot of the Olympic sports, and you’re going to tax all the benefits you have obtained tax free, which will do the opposite of the intended effect. You’ll make it harder, not easier. The system generally works, it’s not perfect, but it generally provides way more opportunities than are ever present without it. Outside of the GI Bill, it is the second most used form of college scholarship. Compare it to the GI Bill. The ONLY other way in which you can walk into a school and get it completely paid for is using the GI Bill. That means getting up at 6am once a week as an ROTC, doing training in the summer, and then four years of your life you can be in the reserves after you get done with school. OR you can play in a college football stadium, with free meals, the best dorms, all the gear, all the training, and come back whenever you want to get your degree. Which would you prefer??” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t agree with the recent coalition of anonymous Pac-12 football players who have banded together in a movement called ‘#WeAreUnited’ with a list of demands to be met by the conference, or face the risk of them boycotting the upcoming season.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why the ‘demands’ are unreasonable, naive, and disingenuous, and why the college players behind the movement have no idea how good they actually have it.

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