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Colin Cowherd: Michael Jordan Wasn't as Great as People Think

Colin Cowherd: “You can criticize LeBron and it’s OK, but boy, if you criticize Michael Jordan – WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!… Is Michael Jordan the greatest winner of all time? No, Bill Russell won 11 titles, Michael won 6. Is he the best scorer of all time? No, that’s Kareem. ‘Well, Michael does more things well than everybody!’ – no, no, no. Even LeBron critics would acknowledge that’s he’s a better ball handler, he’s a better rebounder, and he’s a better passer than Michael. ‘Well, then Michael elevates people more than anybody!’ – oh, God, no. Everybody was great with Magic Johnson, and that’s why he went to 30% more Finals than Michael. ‘Well, he’s the ultimate Iron Man, he never missed a…’ – He quit twice. He was a GREAT basketball player, perhaps the greatest ever, but when Isiah Thomas’ Pistons faced Michael in his prime, Michael couldn’t beat him. He couldn’t beat the Celtics. It’s almost sacrilegious to bring up these two facts about Michael Jordan… Michael won a title when he had Dean Smith and Phil, he didn’t win with a lot of coaches, and he didn’t win with a lot of players. When he had a Hall of Fame number two, and a Hall of Fame coach he won. He went 8 years without winning and had a bunch of quality players, and a bunch of quality coaches… He couldn't win without James Worthy at North Carolina, and wasn't even the second best team in his own state -- that was NC State. Michael is not the greatest scorer ever, he didn’t have the best shot ever, and when he left the Bulls were still very good – 57 wins to 55. When LeBron leaves teams they disintegrate. Jordan is not the greatest winner, he didn’t elevate teammates like Magic, he’s not an Iron Man like LeBron, he didn’t do more things well than everybody. He’s just a great basketball player that when he got a ‘Robin’, and when he got a Phil Jackson he was hard to beat… He never beat a great dynasty in the Finals. He beat the Pistons and the Celtics when they got old, and the Lakers in the West when they got old.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas’ recent controversial comments on Michael Jordan being the ‘fifth toughest player I’ve ever faced’, and actually defend Thomas’ now-viral remarks.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Michael Jordan’s career isn’t nearly as flawless as the media and his biggest fans seem to remember.

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