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Clay Travis Discusses his Longstanding Twitter Beef With Darren Rovell

Clay Travis: “Darren Rovell has been the king of the ‘Corona Bros’ wanting everything cancelled... The NFL’s Chief Medical Officer said there has not been a documented case of COVID-19 being contracted during play in sports anywhere in the world… I responded to that with a link and said ‘But the Corona bros said...’, and then Darren Rovell comes sweeping into my mentions and said ‘fun to see how desperate you are now getting for engagement’… He wasn’t tagged, he wasn’t’ referenced, but maybe sees himself as the Ling of the Corona Bros. Then I responded ‘congrats, this is the least self-aware tweet I have ever seen in the history of Twitter.’ For anyone who follows Darren Rovell, he’s always behaving in the most attention desperate manner possible on Twitter, which is fine, whatever, but when you’re sitting around opening baseball card packs all the tim and streaming it Live on Twitter, I think it’s hard to accuse somebody else of being ‘desperate for attention.’ Then I went in to see a tweet that he sent and I was blocked. I actually feel sorry for him… Since May, he’s basically been as aggressive of a ‘Corona Bro’ as he could possibly be arguing that you can't play the NFL, you can’t play college football, and he was wrong. What a weird move to block somebody on Twitter that you’ve constantly been sending messages to… He could have just muted me and I wouldn’t have known, and it’s not like I am constantly trying to respond to Darren Rovell, he just says a lot of really dumb things on Twitter.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis detail his longstanding Twitter beef with notable sports business reporter Darren Rovell, the man Clay calls the ‘King of the Corona Bros’, as Clay and Darren have been trading barbs throughout the year, often arguing about how sports league should handle the coronavirus.

Check out the segment above as Clay details Rovell blocking him on Twitter, saying that he feels sorry for Rovell that Clay lives such a comfortable life rent free in Rovell’s head.

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