Chris Broussard: Stop Saying Taysom Hill Could Be the Next Lamar Jackson

Chris Broussard: “Taysom Hill is not the quarterback of the future for New Orleans. LET’S PUT IT TO REST. If you hand off the keys to Taysom Hill when Drew is hurt then we gotta change the entire offense. He’s a runner, and he’s not going to throw it like Brees. He’s 30 years old! People think because they’ve never heard of him that he’s some whipper snapper. You’re going to have to craft an offense somewhat like they do for Lamar Jackson where his running is a big part of it. I have no reason to believe Taysom Hill is going to throw it as well as Lamar Jackson. For all of Lamar’s faults, he throws it pretty well. He’s not a great passer by any stretch but he throws it ‘pretty well.’ I have no reason to believe Taysom will be able to do that over a 16-game season, and he’s not going to be the runner that Lamar is. He’s going to take far more shots, which is going to wear him down a bit. He’s not as elusive as Lamar, and like I said, he’s 30 years old. This notion that he’s coming in to save the day this year or next year needs to be put to bed. He’s a utility guy that’s nice, and can play all sorts of different types of positions. He can change the game, and is a different look here or there, but don’t get it twisted, he is NOT your steady and stable franchise quarterback.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain why he doesn’t think Taysom Hill is a franchise quarterback, as Chris says people need to stop comparing Hill’s potential skill sets as a dual-threat quarterback to Lamar Jackson's.

Check out the audio above as Broussard details why he doesn’t think Hill is the future in New Orleans.

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