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Colin Cowherd Describes Every Week 10 NFL Game in Three Words

Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Week 10 Game in Just Three Little Words (November 16th)


Texans at Browns: ‘VERY NICE WIN-D'

"This game got delayed. You could not land a plane in Cleveland in the afternoon. The Browns had no rushing touchdowns in the four games that Nick Chubb missed, but he comes back and has 100+ yards. They've got a recipe here as long as they follow it. If they run the ball a lot, and throw it very little they'll win games."


“Bucs had a season-high in points, yards, rushing attempts, and rushing yards. I thought they established their rushing game, and then threw higher percentage passes to Gronk, AB, and Mike Evans. Brady did go over the top at times, but AFTER the running game had been established. I watched that tape, and they really flexed yesterday. If you have to play Tampa next week and you're the Rams, the Bucs showed you a little bit of everything."

Eagles at Giants: ‘JONES' GIANT GAME’

“Daniel Jones was fantastic and he has consecutive games now without a turnover for the first time in his career. He can really run and this guy is a real athlete. He's got a nice arm. Everyone said he was Eli Manning because he kind of looks like him, but he's a much better at out-of-the-pocket running than Eli, and I think he throws the same very catchable ball. That was the best he has looked in the NFL."

Jaguars at Packers: ‘HOW'S THAT POSSIBLE?’

“The 30 MPH wind at Lambeau probably explains it, but you watched that game, I watched that game, how was that game close?? I don't know."

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