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Colin Cowherd: Dolphins Are a Super Bowl Contender

Colin Cowherd: “Is everybody sure that Miami is not the fourth best team in the league?? Nobody would argue this morning that Kansas City and Pittsburgh are top 2. I think it’s already reasonable to assume that the Saints have crushed Tampa twice, so they’re three. Then you get into four. Are we sure Miami is not in it? ‘Well, the Rams!’ – BEAT ‘em. ‘Arizona!’ – BEAT ‘em, and Tua is only getting better. Miami has not lost since October 4th, and they’re going to win their next three games [DEN, NYJ, CIN]. If Miami played Green Bay today who has the better defense? It is not close. Who’s got the better special teams? Who’s got the better coach? Check, check, check, Miami. With Ryan Fitzpatrick, a natural gunslinger, Miami was prone to mistakes and we’re a little hot and cold. But now they’ve taken the cold out and they don’t make any mistakes. Now I’ve got a head coach in Miami who I think is better than the coach in Green Bay, a defense that is significantly better, and they match up great with Green Bay having two excellent corners against the Davante Adams-reliant Packers offense... Is Miami the fourth best team in the league? Who's better??” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd preview his upcoming Week 10 ‘NFL Herd Hierarchy’ and explain why he thinks the Miami Dolphins could very well be the fourth best team in the NFL behind the Steelers, Chiefs, and Saints.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks Tua Tagovailoa and head coach Brian Flores have made this team into a Super Bowl contender.

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