Rob Parker: Texans Need to Rid Themselves of Deshaun Watson's Drama

Rob Parker: Texans Need to Rid Themselves of Deshaun Watson's Drama

Chris Broussard: “You said that the Texans should trade Deshaun Watson, not tomorrow, not today, but YESTERDAY. I disagree wholeheartedly but I want you to explain yourself.”

Rob Parker: “Franchises have a hard time enough trying to identify talent and bring them into the front office, so for a player to say ‘I wanna be in on all these decisions, I wanna be in the room…’ or whatever, it just rubs me the wrong way... I don’t know what Deshaun Watson's knowledge is as far as him naming who should be the GM or the head coach. And if he IS involved in the hiring, and the coach or GM is TERRIBLE does Watson get blamed for it and broomed out with the two he helped pick out?? You’re opening a can of worms. I’m not saying they can’t come to him and be a sounding board, but if this is why you’re mad, then why the hell did you sign a contract extension with the Texans?? You’re going to come back AFTER you sign and say that you have no confidence in leadership?? You could have done something and said ‘I DON’T WANNA BE HERE.’ It’s not like they have a bad track record, they have made the playoffs in four of the last six years… If you’re going to do that then why isn’t JJ Watt being talked to also? He’s the best player defensively. Is Aaron Donald saying anything with the Rams?? It’s just a recommendation, that’s ALL this is. It doesn’t mean that they’re gonna hire who you recommend. It’s a process… I want my quarterback to go out and try to be the best QUARTERBACK. I can’t run my team through a quarterback who could get hurt, who could play poorly, and what happens if ‘his guy’ is a bad coach?” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks the Houston Texans need to trade Deshaun Watson ASAP, and why they need to rid themselves of Watson’s drama surrounding his incessant desires to be directly involved with the team’s hiring of personnel the likes of the head coach and GM.

Check out the audio above as Parker details why Watson’s demands are ridiculous, and why it’s so contradictory that a guy would be this upset with the same franchise who he just signed a massive extension with, and one that has been a competent winner in the AFC South.

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