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Curt Schilling Says He Would Be in MLB Hall of Fame if He Was a Democrat

Curt Schilling: “I just wanted it over. I’m at a point now where I don’t wanna go through this again. I made peace with this a long time ago in understanding who wielded the gavel and who was judging. You’re talking about a group of people who is 85% white and 90% male, and they’re lecturing me on diversity and racism. The writers who know me know the things they’re writing aren’t true, yet they still write them. My wife is currently in the midst of chemotherapy and battling breast cancer, and it’s been a challenging couple of months. I dreaded the day. I saw the hurt it was causing her… There is a guy who works in the media in Philadelphia who when I was in Philly and young I was a good friend with. He was in our home, he’s a friend of my family’s, knows my kids, and he made a move this week to get me removed from the Phillies Wall of Fame. The hatred runs deep for President Trump and for conservatives… When I saw the impact this was having on my family, I just realized that I don’t wanna be a part of this anymore, and I’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t think of it sooner. I’ve now removed the writers from any possibility of passing judgment on me in a meaningful way for the rest of my life, and it actually feels uplifting.”

Clay Travis: “Let’s pretend that Curt Schilling has never made any political statements ever. Are you in the Hall of Fame if you have never publicly made a single political statement?”

Schilling: “Absolutely, unequivocally, guaranteed.”

Clay: "Are you in the Hall of Fame if you had been a Bernie Bro, a big Obama or Biden guy, or supported left-wing politics?”

Schilling: “Yes… If you’re going to judge someone’s character, I played 22 years and played with and against well over a couple thousand players. I have never, and never will, have a former teammate or competitor of mine say that I have ever done or said anything racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or any of those things… The day that I came out in 2004 and supported President Bush people went apoplectic. I said ‘Make sure you got out and vote and vote BUSH on 'Good Morning America' the morning after we won the World Series... The Red Sox ownership made it clear how upset they were that I was acting remotely political and I shouldn’t come out and do anything. The next day they were flying John Kerry around on John Henry’s private jet. The hypocrisy is embarrassing… This is a group of people who voted for, and have a pedophile in the writers wing of the Hall of Fame who molested his niece. After that went public and everything happened they voiced their support of him as a writer and said he’s in there 'because of his writing', and not the ‘other stuff’… The things that they claim are just not true. I didn’t voice my support for violence at the Capitol, I voiced my support for protest, which this country is built on. These same people voted for a man who beat his wife. They voted for a man who beat an elderly man. They voted for two guys who cheated, and then when caught lied and tried to ruin the lives of other people. All of this stuff is a maelstrom of things that add up to these people being absolutely in no position to judge anybody. I played 22 years and traveled for 22 years. I saw these guys in public and know what they did on the road. Alcoholics, adulterers, all of it. There are tons of them and some of the worst human beings I have ever met… The sad part is, for every amazing and integrity filled Jayson Stark and Tim Kurkjian, there is a Dan Shaughnessy, George King, Mike Missanelli, and Michael Felger. There is the worst of the worst of people who for some reason believe that they’re in a place where they can comfortably pass judgment on people who are nowhere near as flawed as they are.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to former Major League Baseball starting pitcher Curt Schilling join Outkick the Coverage to discuss his Baseball Hall of Fame shunning, and why his denial of entry has entirely to do with him being an outspoken supporter of Republican politics.

Schilling says his political leanings first became ‘controversial’ during an appearance on Good Morning America in 2004 after the Red Sox had won the World Serie, as Schilling said he had told people to get out and vote in the upcoming 2004 President Election, and to vote for George W. Bush. Schilling said the Red Sox organization was outraged that Schilling partook in anything political, but Schilling says Red Sox owner John Henry would fittingly later be flying around Democratic candidate John Kerry on his private jet in the following days.

Schilling is a 6-time All-Star, 3-time World Series Champion, World Series MVP, and led the league in wins and strikeouts twice. He finished with a 216-146 career record, 3.46 ERA, and is 15th all-time in strikeouts with 3,116.

His career WAR of 79.5 would rank him 65th in MLB history, and currently lead veteran All-Star pitchers nearing the end of their careers the likes of Justin Verlander (71.8), Clayton Kershaw (69.6), and Max Scherzer (62.3). All three players are expected to be Hall of Famers, with Kershaw and likely being selected on the first ballot.

Other notable starting pitchers that are already in the Hall of Fame with a lesser WAR than Schilling include John Smoltz (69.0), Jim Palmer (68.5), Don Drysdale (67.1), Don Sutton (66.7), Roy Halladay (64.2), Bob Feller (63.4), and Whitey Ford (57.1)

Schilling believes he would have already been in the Hall of Fame if he had been an Obama supporter, and says many HOF voters are ‘cowards’ who have their fair share of skeletons in their owns closets, and who shouldn’t be judging the character of others in any way.

Check out the full interview above with Clay Travis as Schilling details why he’s requesting to get his name taken off the ballot, citing the stress it's brought to him and his family, and the satisfaction he would get by self-righteous voters no longer being able to publicly peddle judgment on him every January when Hall of Fame voting comes up.

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