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How the NFL Should Honor Alex Smith in the Wake of His Retirement

Clay Travis: “I’ve got a pretty straightforward thing that the NFL should do to honor what I think is the greatest comeback story in the history of the NFL… They have a ‘Comeback Player of the Year Award’ that they give every year, and I think this award should be renamed in honor of Alex Smith. It should be the ‘Alex Smith Comeback Player of the Year Award.’ His story is just so compelling that I think this would be the perfect way to honor Alex Smith’s comeback.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain what he thinks the NFL should do to honor Alex Smith’s retirement from the NFL, as Clay believes Smith’s journey back from near-leg amputation to starting quarterback again for the Washington Football Team was the greatest comeback story in the history of the NFL.

Check out the full segment above as Clay believes the ‘Comeback Player of the Year Award’ should be renamed to pay homage to Smith’s timelessly triumphant return.

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