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Colin Cowherd Rates the 'Bust' Probability of the 2021 NFL Draft QB Class

Colin Cowherd: “What are the percentages based on where you land, what your talent is, what’s the ownership, of 'hitting'? Here are my percentages…”

Listen to Colin Cowherd give out his odds for rookie quarterbacks to ‘hit’ among the upcoming NFL Draft QB class, as Colin states what he thinks are the chances these players actually ‘bust’ with their future teams.

Trevor Lawrence

“Trevor Lawrence is a 90% hit. He gets a big second contract. I put 90%. He could get hurt, Urban Meyer could not like pro football and leave. This organization doesn’t have a history of great moves.”

Zach Wilson

“Zach Wilson to me is about 15%. I think there are so many things he has to overcome. Ownership, O-Line, rookie head coach, great defensive division, and it’s just a messy organization.”

Mac Jones

“I know what you’re saying, you’re saying ‘Colin, you don’t like Mac Jones!’, no, but I think there’s about a 60% chance that he gets a second contract because it’s going to be hard to move off a guy winning 10 or 11 games a year with that offense. Kirk Cousins got a second big contract. It’s hard to move off WINNING.”

Trey Lance

“Trey Lance to me is a 70% hit, and that’s because you’ll see my mock draft coming up top of the hour where he lands.”

Justin Fields

“Justin Fields to me is not great enough and not a prodigy to overcome a bad organization, and today I have no idea where he is landing. I like Justin Fields, I think he’s a great talent, but if he ends up with a goofy organization you don’t know what you’re getting. Can I watch the Draft and then I can have a Justin Fields opinion? I just don’t know where he’s going.”

Check out the FULL video above.

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