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Here is Why Jaylen Waddle Seemed to Ignore His Family After Being Drafted

Here is Why Jaylen Waddle Seemed to Ignore His Family After Being Drafted

Former Alabama wide receiver Jaylen Waddle was trending on social media after being selected by the Miami Dolphins at No. 6 overall in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft on Thursday (April 30) night.

Fans watching the event live noticed Waddle, wearing dark sunglasses, seemed to immediately leave his green room and walk toward the stage without acknowledging his family members celebrating.

Twitter user @JDue51 shared ESPN's coverage, which shows the former Crimson Tide star quickly exiting the second his name is called, along with the tweet, "Jaylen Waddle was like 'Y'all find your own ride home.'"

But Waddle provided his own explanation for the video on Twitter early Friday (April 30) morning.

Apparently, the family had already celebrated prior to Waddle's name being called.


Typically, top NFL draft picks are contacted by their new teams just prior to their name being announced by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

In this case, Waddle would have already gotten his hugs and celebration in before the cameras caught his reaction to being announced.

Either way, the selection of Waddle should excite both Dolphins and Alabama fans as it reunites the talented wide receiver with his former Crimson Tide teammate, second-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

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