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Why Aaron Rodgers Will Be Starting For the Raiders in Week 1

Why Aaron Rodgers Will Be Starting For the Raiders in Week 1
Jason Smith: “In the end, Vegas is going to do everything that they can to get Aaron Rodgers because it’s going to wind up being a bidding war between Denver and the Raiders. The Raiders are Aaron Rodgers’ preferred destination, and clearly, even though it’s a ‘preferred’ destination, if you’re the Packers where would you want to trade Aaron Rodgers to where you’d think he could do the least damage? It’s the Raiders because the ‘Raiders are the rAiDeRs’. You don’t want to trade him to Denver, that’s a loaded offense. You don’t want to trade him to Miami. You want to trade him to the RAIDERS, let him go there and see how things go because the Raiders are the Raiders. The Raiders are going to do everything they can because you have to keep him out of the division so they’ll go over the top even more than Denver can, and in the end they can offer something that the Broncos can’t and that’s Derek Carr as a throw-in. You’re going to get this huge treasure trove of picks and players, but in the end who can give you the quarterback that will give you a bit of a softer landing if Jordan Love ends up stinking? That guy is Derek Carr. Carr is the best quarterback you’ll be able to get back where you won’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself, and that’s going to be the big difference, and that’s going to get Aaron Rodgers to the Raiders.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Aaron Rodgers is going to wind up playing for the Raiders this season, as Jason believes Vegas would win a bidding war with any other suitor because of their obvious desires to be relevant, and because Derek Carr would be the best quarterback Green Bay could get in return.

Check out Jason’s theory above.

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