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Why the Steelers Will Be a 4-Win Team in 2021

Why the Steelers Will Be a 4-Win Team in 2021
Jason Smith on the 2021 Steelers: “A team that I worry about after seeing their schedule. This was going to be a difficult year for them anyway because they are in the segway year to ‘what is the next invention of our team going to look like?’, especially when they’re going to find out really early that Ben Roethlisberger is DONE. Looking at this schedule, the Steelers are going to finish LAST in the AFC North. This schedule is incredibly difficult. Look at this schedule. You’re at the Bills, the Raiders are going to be tough, the Bengals are going to be a lot better, Seahawks, the Browns are really good, the Bears and Lions are going to be better and improved, Chargers, Ravens, Vikings Titans, Chiefs, Browns, Ravens. You’re telling me that’s a team who is going to finish higher than last in the AFC North?? This is going to be the rare under-.500 season for the Steelers. They’ve had an incredible 30-year run but that ends THIS year. The last few games of last year they had fallen off the cliff, Ben Roethlisberger was done, and now with this schedule, it’s going to be impossible. In a fantasy draft of AFC North quarterbacks-only I would take Roethlisberger last. They’re going to go from 12-4 to 4-13, or 5-12.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks the Steelers are steering towards a 4-5 win season in 2021 and a last-place finish in the AFC North behind the Ravens, Browns, and Bengals.

Pittsburgh hasn’t finished a season under-.500 since 2003 and hasn’t finished last place in their division since 1988.

Check out the audio above as Smith details Pittsburgh's demise.

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