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WATCH: Red Sox Fan Grabs Errant Bat While on Phone at Fenway Park

A fan at Fenway Park managed to grab an errant bat while talking on his cell phone during Sunday's game between the Los Angeles Angels and Boston Red Sox.

Bally Sports West, which broadcasts the Angels' games, shared a video of the incident on its verified Twitter account, which shows a bat fly out of the hands of Los Angeles infielder José Rojas and into the stands behind the first base line on a swinging strike.

Rojas reacted by putting his hands up near his face in fear that the flying bat could cause harm to fans in attendance. Fortunately, the bat instead bounced off the seats and into the grasp of a man wearing a black Red Sox hat who happened to be holding his cell phone to his ear with his other hand at the time.

The fan was forced to give the bat back in accordance with Fenway Park regulations -- as fans are prohibited from carrying bats in the stadium -- which received a round of boos from the crowd in attendance, though it was presumed that the fan received some sort of memorabilia in exchange, according to theBally Sports West broadcast.

Fenway Park remains limited to 25% capacity attendance for Red Sox homes games in adherence with Massachusetts' COVID-19 rollout plan, which has fans spread into larger gaps in the stands.

The Angels defeated the Red Sox, 6-5, to win the final game of a three-game weekend series after being defeated 9-0 on Saturday (May 15) and 4-3 on Friday (May 14).

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