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Chris Mannix: This is the End of the Kawhi Leonard Clippers

Chris Mannix: “This series is over. That was the ball game last night for the Clippers and that was the series. They were down nine late in the fourth quarter, had to dig deep and they didn’t. I guess we shouldn't be surprised by that with this Clippers team. Kawhi warned us before the start of the playoffs that the Clippers have the talent to win the whole thing but it all came down to what was between their ears. They didn’t show mental toughness in the bubble last year and really didn’t do anything to change the roster significantly enough to tell you that they were going to have it this year. They’re going up against a team who isn’t remotely afraid of them… The Clippers seem like they’re just going through the motions sometimes. They make so many mental mistakes that you can’t count on this team to win anything. They’re not going to come back and win four of the next five. This team has not dug deep at any point in the last two years to win in a situation like this and there is no reason to believe that they’re going to do it now. Last night was their season and they blew it, and now they’re going to go into an offseason at some point with so many questions. We could be seeing the end for the Clippers team with Kawhi a free agent and not a lot of flexibility to improve. You can’t underscore enough what an unmitigated disaster last night was for the Clippers.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated explain why he thinks the Clippers vs. Mavericks series is over, and why he thinks we could be seeing the final games of these Kawhi Leonard-led Clippers who seemed destined for a dynasty two summers ago when they teamed Leonard up with Paul George on an already talent-laden playoff team.

Check out the segment above.

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