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Rob Parker Mocks LeBron James For Posting Instagram Video From 'Gladiator'

Rob Parker on LeBron’s IG Post with a famous scene from ‘Gladiator’: “Sounds kind of LAME to me. Dude, WHY?? After all he’s accomplished, he’s a great player, he doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody does he? REALLY? You got knocked out of the playoffs, your big guy was hurt; dude you won a championship last year, just go out quietly, just fade out. Work on it yourself, you don’t have to tell anybody. You don’t have to send out lame videos and video clips, let your resume speak for itself. I just don’t get it, after all he’s accomplished he still feels like he has to prove something. How do you consider yourself the GOAT if you have to prove something to somebody??” (Audio above, FULL segment at bottom of page)

Listen to Rob Parker mock LeBron James for uploading to his Instagram account a clip from a famous scene in the movie ‘Gladiator’ (2000) when Russell Crowe’s character says to Joaquin Phoenix’s character ‘I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.’

Check out the video above as Parker says LeBron needs to relax with these 'lame' videos, saying LeBron doesn’t have to try so hard to keep himself in the limelight and brag about how great he is through social media.

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