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Colin Cowherd Says Packers Won't Be a Top 10 Team This Season

Colin Cowherd: “I don’t have the Packers in my top 10 right now because there’s just too much drama. I worry about their schedule, David Bakhtiari’s health, Corey Linsley the center is gone, and I don’t know how good their offensive line is. I went and checked yesterday and this is the lowest graded offensive line for the Packers in some time. Six of the eight best sack teams face them in October and early November.” (Full Video Below)

Colin Cowherd counted down his top 10 ‘Herd Hierarchy’ rankings for this upcoming NFL season as teams head into training camp, but had an obvious snub involving a team who has gone to back-to-back NFC Championship Games.

Here were Colin’s rankings as follows:

10. 49ers
9. Rams
8. Colts
7. Chargers
6. Browns
5. Ravens
4. Seahawks
3. Bills
2. Chiefs
1. Bucs

Check out the video above as Colin explains his rankings.

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