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Little Girl From Viral 2015 Video Goes On To Win Olympic Medal

When most people get famous because of a viral video, it usually becomes their only claim to fame - they just go on to live a normal life and occasionally get recognized on the street for their internet infamy, however that is not at all the case for one girl.

In 2015, when she was 7, Rayssa Leal starred in a video where, while dressed in a fairy costume, she nailed a skateboarding trick. The clip went viral, thanks in part to skateboarding legend Tony Hawk sharing it on Twitter with the caption, "I don't know anything about this but it's awesome: a fairytale heelflip in Brazil by #RayssaLeal."

Well, Leal is now living a fairy tale because she just won at the Olympics. Rayssa, who is currently 13 years old, took home the silver for Brazil in Olympic women's street skateboarding.

After the event, she told reporters how she got to be an Olympic medalist saying, "It's not right to think while you have to study you can't go and skateboard because skate is for boys. I didn't listen to that kind of message. My parents have always been with me, with my first championship and following up on that I went forward. I really think skateboarding is for everyone." 

She understands though she is still young, adding, "I want to go on with being a little girl that I am, having fun with my friends. I don't want to have too many responsibilities right now. I just want to be a lovely, lively little girl that I am for the whole Brazil."