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Why the Warriors Should Have Traded Steph Curry

Chris Broussard: “Over the next five years, Steph Curry has guaranteed money of $261 million. BIG BUCKS. You have a take on this that I find incredible and baffling.”

Rob Parker: “It’s not incredible it just depends on how you want to do business. Their window for winning has opened and closed. They’ve probably done all the winning, they got a new arena, and made a lot of money. This just a reward, a retirement fund, or a pension, this is not about them winning anymore. It’s hard for people to part with players that they like and I get it, it was like when the Cardinals wouldn’t pay Albert Pujols. The Cardinals already had a nice run and they didn’t want to do it because they know what happens when you pay older players. Steph played great last year and they didn’t even make the playoffs… I don't expect the Warriors to win the title in the next five years no matter how much money they pay him. It’s a reward and it’s a bonus. You like him, you love that he’s a part of your organization, you can’t sell any more tickets, and they just want to reward the guy. As far as a business situation and whether or not this is good money or smart money, it’s NOT. He’s too old to build a team around. If you’re going to be ‘all-in’ on this and you’re going to pay Steph you gotta go get him players for NOW. You can’t hope, wish, and dream that these drafted players are going to be good.”

Chris Broussard: “Should they trade Steph??"

Parker: “YES. They stopped winning championships when Kevin Durant left and they’re not winning another one. It’s a joke in Golden State and this needs to stop. It’s like old time’s sake, ‘remember when we were champions? Remember when we won? Remember when everybody was hurt and we won that championship in 2015? Hey! Remember when we choked down a 3-1 lead, the first team in the NBA history, remember that?? Remember when Kevin Durant came and took Steph’s lunch money, and his team, and won two NBA Finals MVPs??' Yeah, let’s go back to THOSE days.” (Audio Above, FULL Segment Below)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he doesn’t think the Warriors should have given Steph Curry a four year-$215 million extension that will pay him over a quarter of a billion dollars the next five years counting his current deal, with Rob saying that a Warriors team coming way down from their great dynasty should have just let Steph walk the same way the Cardinals let Albert Pujols leave a decade ago.

Check out the audio above and the full rant at the bottom of the page as Rob details to an incensed and flabbergasted Chris Broussard why the Warriors simply gave Steph a ‘pension’ and ‘retirement plan’ for past accomplishments and good times, similar to what the Lakers regrettably did with Kobe Bryant late in his career.

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