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The Real Reason Why No NFL Team Wants Cam Newton

Doug Gottlieb: “You got people who are saying ‘THIS WAS STUNNING!’, not really… Cam Newton only completed above 60% of his throws four seasons in the NFL. FOUR. Last year, in a year in which he started 15 games, threw for only 2,600 yards, 8 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions. We can say it’s about COVID, and it’s about ‘this and that’, but dude, the guy threw for less than 100 yards four times last year. He threw for more than 300 yards two times. Against Houston who they lost to, who was one of the worst teams in the NFL, and Seattle, early on in the season when he played really, really well. Every time people referenced Cam Newton’s season last year they say ‘wElL, tHeRe wAs tHaT gAmE aGaInSt tHe sEaHaWkS!’ – it was like they stopped watching football after that, because if you watched football after that you would have seen that it was BAD at times. Of those 8 touchdowns, three came in the last game of the season when they took on the Jets, who WANTED to lose. Take out the Jets game and he has FIVE touchdown passes. He’s just not that good anymore. He’s a player from a foregone era. Yes, we have more athletic quarterbacks like him, but his inefficiency and his inaccuracy, especially in short and underneath stuff, has always been a bit of an issue. Cam likely stayed in New England because he liked it, they respected him, they treated him well, and they built the offense around him, but if you’ve watched New England play in this preseason they have to have someone who is accurate in short and intermediate throws, much like Tom Brady, and that’s what Mac Jones is, NOT what Cam Newton is.” (Full Audio Above)
Colin Cowherd: “The media has always covered Cam Newton like he’s Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers. He’s not close to any of them. There’s a story out today, ‘WASHINGTON’S RON RIVERA COMMITED TO RYAN FITZPATRICK WITH CAM NEWTON AVAILABLE!’ Oh God, how embarrassing. Ron Rivera was so over Cam Newton that he chose his backup [Kyle Allen]. Washington is not going to bring in Cam Newton, c’mon, do your job media, it’s not going to happen… Let’s look at Cam’s prime. Oh, wait, he doesn’t have one. He never had a prime. He’s the ‘Macarena’ not the Beatles. He’s not even Aerosmith, he’s not even the Backstreet Boys. He didn’t have 3-4 straight great years, he had one and he was an MVP. If you take that out he’s under 50% [win percentage] for his career. This isn’t baseball where stats matter, you gotta win games. Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady, and Russell Wilson win games; with Ron Rivera and Bill Belichick, Cam couldn’t win games. Rivera is a GREAT coach and Belichick is the BEST coach, and they couldn’t win with Cam consistently. Let’s stop this. If you look at the MVP year he was amazing, if you look at the year before he was AWFUL – 5-8-1, passer rating low 80’s. The year after the MVP was worse, he completed 52% of his throws and went 6-8. Cam doesn’t even have a prime. Matt Ryan has a ‘prime.’ You guys all bang on Jimmy Garoppolo and he’s 24-8 as a starter. Let’s report the TRUTH – Cam is a backup, and I’m not sure he wants to be a backup. Let’s be fair about this, Cam has no prime, it doesn’t exist. There’s not 3-4 years of ‘WOW.’ Even Matt Ryan has that. The media needs to cover what’s happening, not what they HOPE happens.” (Full Audio Below)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb and Colin Cowherd discuss Cam Newton’s release from the New England Patriots and ensuing fruitless free agent pursuit, as both hosts believe Newton’s ongoing absence from the league has a lot more to do with an overhyped NFL career finally running out of juice, than the fact that he’s unvaccinated.

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