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Colin Cowherd Disputes Boomer Esiason's Lavish Praise of Mac Jones

Colin Cowherd: “Boomer Esiason is terrific on TV and radio but this is the worst overreaction by any member of the media so far this season. He was asked on a Boston radio station 'if you had to draft all these young quarterbacks over again, who would be no. 1?’ Not a single GM in the league would draft Mac Jones over Trevor Lawrence today. NOT ONE. Mac Jones through two games has one touchdown pass and one pass over 30 yards. He is ‘managing’ a beautiful Mercedes, he’s just not running it into a tree. Trevor Lawrence is putting out forest fires on every play. He’s got an inferior offensive coordinator, a worse offensive line, a coach that has never coached in the league, and he has to be in shootouts every game so he’s playing from behind on every play. AIR YARDS – it’s called when you let go of the ball, how far does the ball travel on average. Mac Jones is at 3.1 yards, second-lowest in the league. Trevor Lawrence has 9.9 yards per attempt. And with the worse coordinator, worse o-line, worse running game, and playing from behind. You’re talking about the difference between a 6’6” quarterback with a huge arm, wildly mobile, having to carry a franchise that outside of wide receiver doesn’t have a single unit that isn’t in total rebuild. Mac Jones is checking down on EVERYTHING. They ran a trick play this weekend and he checked down on THAT. His air yards are 3.1 yard per throw, basically a bubble screen. They’re asking him to do NOTHING. Mac Jones is better than I thought but there’s a big difference being Trevor Lawrence and you’re throwing on 3rd and 11, and Mac Jones throwing on 2nd and 4. These are two totally different talents. Put Trevor in New England and we view them as a real Super Bowl threat.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd heavily dispute Boomer Esiason’s recent comments regarding Mac Jones, after Esiason proclaimed that Jones would be the first pick in the 2021 Draft over Trevor Lawrence if all 32 teams re-drafted today.

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