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Colin Cowherd Ranks His Top 10 NFL Teams After Week 4

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his list of the top 10 NFL teams after Week 4 in Colin’s latest installment of the ‘Herd Hierarchy' rankings.

10. Chargers (3-1)

“I waited to watch that game and my takeaway is that they’re a 56-yard field goal from Greg Zuerlein from being undefeated and they kind of gave that Dallas game away. I don’t trust the franchise yet and I think they’re what Peter Schrager said, ‘being very deliberate with how they’re coaching this team.’ I think Justin Herbert will only get better. I do worry about Austin Eckler’s health. There’s a lot to like and here is the most important thing – their head coach, Brandon Staley, was the Rams defensive coordinator, and he blew the Chargers away in the interview. Every week they have held their opponent to their lowest offensive total. This is a defensive story as much as an offensive story.”

9. Browns (3-1)

“This is not a knock on Cleveland because they play the Chargers this weekend and the spread is like a point. Right now, Cleveland’s defense feels like it’s better than Cleveland’s offense. Jarvis Landry is the soul of this team. OBJ and Baker, for whatever reasons, just don’t have the symmetry. I’ll tell you what was really impressive – on Kirk Cousins’ 40 drop backs the Browns pressured him 22 times, and almost all of them came when only rushing four. That is a REAL factor. They are not bringing extra people and they are still getting substantial pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. This is a very good team, it’s not a knock putting them at number nine, I just think if Jarvis Landry is not available I can’t put them higher because he’s really valuable, CLEARLY, for this offense."

FULL countdown video at the bottom of the page.

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