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Why Patrick Mahomes is Having the Worst Year of His NFL Career

Dan Patrick: “Your advice for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs would be….?”

Chris Simms: “They have to show the ability to be ‘boring’ and execute and go on Brees and Brady type drives we’re used to seeing with New England and the Saints where it’s 12 plays and 85 yards, and bores some teams to where they get up there and start to play them differently. Mahomes played his worst game as a pro on Sunday. He missed some reads where I’d go ‘there’s the first read, THROW IT’. He’s kind of looking at the rush, and his pocket presence is the most concerning thing right now. He’s leaving the pocket way too early at times. He’s gotta watch some Tom Brady, Dan Marino, and Joe Burrow film and watch how they manipulate and move within the pocket. I think last year he got into some bad habits. They couldn’t protect him the last 7 or 8 weeks of the year, so he was always floating around because he knew ‘somebody is going to come free so I’ve got to buy myself some time.’ This year there is a bunch of plays in the game where I go ‘the pocket is perfect, where are you going? People are open!’ The interception last week, he’s got Tyreek Hill open down the left sideline, it was what you wanted, but for some reason he left the pocket. And the second read was open too. He’s just not playing true to the position as he’s capable. He’s going to need to fix it because the offense is going to have to carry them.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to former NFL quarterback Chris Simms join The Dan Patrick Show to explain why he thinks Patrick Mahomes is currently in the midst of the worst stretch of football of his entire career, as Mahomes is leading the league in interceptions for an under-.500 Chiefs team.

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