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Why Lincoln Riley Isn't Leaving Oklahoma For the LSU Job

Colin Cowherd: “Lincoln Riley, rumors to LSU, I don’t buy them at all. Am I naïve??”

Joel Klatt: “I don’t think you’re naïve, I don’t buy them either. I know Lincoln fairly well in terms of broadcaster-coach relationship; I’ve done a lot of his games. He’s a loyal guy and he understands that this opportunity was given to him, whether he deserved it or not, when Bob Stopps stepped down. This is one of the most storied and prestigious programs in the history of college football. I think he feels an obligation to get them back to a point where they’re winning National Championships. I think Bob is still one of his great mentors, and Bob turned down opportunity after opportunity over the 20 years he was at Oklahoma, and I think Lincoln will probably do the same. If you go to LSU, what does that move do to you except start your clock to get fired, which is what every coach there has gotten, whether they won a national championship or not. At Oklahoma, you can win a national title and be there for 20 years. You can be the Paterno/Bowden style coach at Oklahoma, and I don’t think you can do that at LSU.”

Cowherd: “I think LSU is a pressure-cooker. You know how the Pittsburgh Steelers have the reputation of only having like three coaches – Chuck Knoll, Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin – Oklahoma is a little like that: Bud Wilkerson, Barry Switzer, Bob Stoops, Lincoln Riley. By and large, Oklahoma is loyal to their coaches, they give you down years, it’s a top 5 program, why in the world would you leave? It’s a classic example of ‘Don’t try to get happier than happy.’ If you coach Oklahoma, unless you go to the pros, there is no other job you should take.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Joel Klatt and Colin Cowherd discuss the rumors of Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley potentially leaving Oklahoma for the vacant LSU job in the wake of Ed Orgeron’s ousting, as both Klatt and Cowherd don’t think the 38-year-old would leave one of the country’s most prestigious programs for a school who just fired a coach who had recently won a national championship.

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