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Why You Shouldn't Believe in the Chiefs Rising Up in the AFC

Colin Cowherd: “So the game of the weekend is Kansas City vs. Dallas. There’s this thing called confirmation bias. People want something to happen or they believe in something, it’s why conservatives watch Fox News and why liberals watch MSNBC. It doesn’t make either right but they’re telling you what you WANT to hear. I see this with the Kansas City Chiefs. We love them because they’re fun, flashy, we love the way they play, they’re clever, we love their coach, and we WANT them to be back. So they beat the lowly Raiders, who have the second-lowest winning percentage in the NFL over 19 years, now have an interim coach, and lost a couple starters – one to tragedy and one to bad judgment, and now the Chiefs are ‘GREAT’. Pump the brakes a little. Dallas is 8-1 against the spread this year, it means they've been so average for so many years that they’re undervalued. Kansas City, despite last week’s win over the ‘mighty’ Raiders, has hit on like 6 of their last 20 against the spread. Why? Because you can’t unsee how great they were at their peak. They’re OVER-valued. We WANT Kansas City to be back, so they beat the Raiders, and now we have convinced ourselves they’re 'back'. They’re two weeks removed from struggling at home to beat Daniel Jones. They struggled to beat Jordan Love at home. I think Dallas rolls the Chiefs this weekend. Cowboys 37, Chiefs 24, sounds about right.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the NFL media needs to pump the brakes on their glowing analysis on the Kansas City Chiefs’ three-game winning streak, as Colin says we’re getting into the habit of once again overvaluing a team who ‘used’ to be great.

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