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Colin Cowherd Explores This Shocking Super Bowl Prediction

Colin Cowherd: “Let me just throw this out there and I don’t think it’s crazy. Tom Brady and Mac Jones, Super Bowl, is it off the table?? The number one seed in the AFC is Tennessee and the early line is New England is favored over Tennessee by a field goal. Buffalo? New England plays them twice the next five weeks, we’ll find out. But if you start checking boxes, who has the best coach in the NFL? Right now arguably the best defense, the best special teams, they’re top-five in sacks, top five in run game, their offensive line is top 10, best offensive coordinator, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, New England. Belichick has done this before, 2001, a young quarterback, gangly, not very athletic, and can’t do anything off-script. Remember that? Mac Jones and Tom Brady’s first 11 starts are identical. Jones’ are a little better, I’d say that’s because it’s more of a passing league. Who did that Brady and Belichick team beat in the Super Bowl in 2001? This wild offensive team with all sorts of weapons, the St. Louis Rams. Who would this team face in a Super Bowl? Either Tampa, Arizona, Dallas, Rams – crazy smart offense with all sorts of weapons. It is NOT crazy. That 2001 team had a quarterback controversy, Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady, is Bledsoe going to get his job back? This year there was a quarterback controversy in camp with Cam and Mac. That team in 2001 was the sixth rated defense and the sixth rated offense. THIS team is the sixth-rated offense and second-rated defense. They don’t make mistakes, you get more penalties, you turn it over more, defense, coaching, special teams, efficiency… I don’t know, I think I’ve seen it before!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explore the jaw-dropping potential of a New England Patriots vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl, as Colin says these 7-4 Patriots with rookie quarterback Mac Jones reminds him of the 2001 Patriots with 24-year-old Tom Brady.

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