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'You Can't Win at Michigan': Rob Parker Tells Jim Harbaugh to Leave For NFL

Rob Parker: “Jim Harbaugh, if you can hear the sound of my voice, RUN FOR THE HILLS! Get out of Ann Arbor while you still have your name and your street cred! It was just a year ago that they cut your pay, soiled your name, and no one in the NFL even picked up the phone to talk to you. You were toxic! Your job at Michigan is done! DO NOT PLAY YOURSELF. Those easy-to-please fans in Ann Arbor are happy and they think you’re the king again. Don’t lose that feeling Jim Harbaugh! Grab the wife, kids, and station wagon and hightail it! You know why? YOU CAN’T WIN AT MICHIGAN. Bo [Schembechler] couldn’t win a National Championship at that place. I don’t care how pretty your helmets are and how many kids go to the NFL from Michigan. When it comes to National Championships, MICHIGAN CAN’T WIN. They have ONE ‘split’ championship, it ain’t even a real one. That’s all Michigan has ever won and this year you got your comeuppance. Georgia embarrassed you and turned your team into the maize and ‘POO’. You can only disappointment from this point on. Trust me, Ohio State will be back for that a** next season, face it. You can only go down at Michigan, and they’ll say ‘Jim could never win the big one!’ That’s NOT what you want. This has been a public service announcement to Jim Harbaugh. Heed my warnings, mister!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker give a fiery public service announcement to Jim Harbaugh, demanding that he leave Michigan on a high note and bolt to the NFL before Michigan naturally regresses back to their mean as one of college football’s most underachieving blueblood programs.

Check out the segment above as Parker tells Harbaugh 'YOU CAN'T WIN AT MICHIGAN' and 'OHIO STATE WILL BE BACK FOR THAT A**.'

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